Lakes Letter – July


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Whew, what an amazing burn!

july01The Lakes Of Fire team hopes your experience at the Fabulous Contraption was as incredible for you as it was for all of us! We were so fortunate to have such wonderful contributions from every participant this year, even Mother Nature! The art projects, the Effigy, theme camps, individual gifts, EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that contributed, from the crustiest burner to the newbiest Newb, made it so easy for this Info_bot to say it was his best burn ever and hopes you felt the same.

This year, we had an unprecedented number of fire artists and fire effects, and people were safe and sane in their artistry.  Thank you for putting so much effort into this Fabulous Contraption we call Lakes of Fire. From our heart of hearts, we at Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc., want to thank you for being such a passionate, artistic, and loving community. We <3 you!

Please take a moment to thank the people who donated their party time to stand out in the sun and direct traffic, pick up moop, or otherwise contributed to the survival and success of the event.

Photos of the Fabulous Contraption

july02We searched far and wide to find the best photos taken at Lakes Of Fire this year and are extremely pleased with what we received.
Many participants allowed us to share their photos with the community for our yearly collection.
We’ve checked with each person but if you see a picture of yourself you’d like us to remove, no problem! Just let us know.

Facebook gallery: http://bit.ly/LoF15FBpics

Google+ gallery: bit.ly/LoF2015pics

Theme Suggestions

Do you have an idea for next years theme? Tell us about your awesome idea, and it just might be chosen for 2016!

Your friends at Lakes of Fire are already working on the upcoming 2016 burn and we want your feedback!

Lakes of Fire 2015 Survey

We have updated our annual survey for 2015 with questions about your experience, please take a few moments to fill this out!  We’d like to know your feelings on a number of topics from volunteering to the time of the burn to ticketing.
This will help us make decisions for 2016, so spread the word amongst your camp mates.

Your Feedback

Have some thoughts on Lakes of Fire and want to share them with us? We whipped up this handy little Feedback page for you to do so.
Please use it any time throughout the year that you have a question and don’t know who to send it to, and we will route it to the right place.  Even if you don’t need a response, we will be sure to talk about the feedback during our leads meetings.
Your input is important to us!

Lakes of Fire Community Group

We have also started a new community group to provide a space for people to talk about their plans, hopes, and issues regarding Lakes of Fire.  It is a sounding board with a history. Please help us maintain a positive and productive community by moderating yourself – do not engage in personal attacks against others.

The group can be used either like an online forum or like a mailing list, as you prefer – just change your settings to suit!


Thanks again to all who made this year’s event a reality