Lakes Letter – September


We want YOU for the LoF Board!

sept01Fall is an amazing time of year for burners! Black Rock City closed up only a few weeks ago, Chicago & Michigan each held their Decomps days ago and the last Regionals of the year spark to life in the next few weeks.

All of these events are sublime and require many passionate & dedicated participants and volunteers. When it comes to volunteering, one of the most dedicated, challenging roles for these events is to be a member of the Board of Directors. The legal face for Lakes of Fire, Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. (G.L.E.A.), is seeking board members to replace Groot and Dirtball Dave, who are retiring with honor. Thanks for your hard work, guys!
They are also adding two more Board positions this year, making 7.

If you are interested in further details about the role of a Board Of Director member or you’d like to apply, please check out the Board’s New Member application.

Thank you and have a wonderful fall!

Your Feedback

Have some thoughts on Lakes of Fire and want to share them with us? We whipped up this handy little Feedback page for you to do so.
Please use it any time throughout the year that you have a question and don’t know who to send it to, and we will route it to the right place.  Even if you don’t need a response, we will be sure to talk about the feedback during our leads meetings.
Your input is important to us!

Lakes of Fire Community Group

We have also started a new community group to provide a space for people to talk about their plans, hopes, and issues regarding Lakes of Fire.  It is a sounding board with a history. Please help us maintain a positive and productive community by moderating yourself – do not engage in personal attacks against others.

The group can be used either like an online forum or like a mailing list, as you prefer – just change your settings to suit!