Lakes Letter – November


TOPICS: LIT Sales | Theme Selection Vote | Burn Date Announced | Submit your Effigy Design | Art Grants Expand

Low Income Ticket Sales

nov01We are proud to announce that Lakes of Fire will have a Low Income Ticket program this year! We will offer reduced ticket prices for up to 70 attendees who meet the LIT criteria. Some details are still being finalized, but here is what we can share now:

  • Your privacy is very important to us. Names will be removed from the selection process to foster a neutral, objective based selection system.
  • All applicants will be reviewed by a volunteer committee.
  • 70 tickets will be available through this program
  • LIT price is 50% of a full price ticket
  • LIT tickets must still go through the regular registration and ticket selection system.Selected participants will still need to register for the ticketing system and be selected in the random number drawing to attend. You will see the appropriate price automatically when you pay for your ticket.
  • If you already qualify for a Volunteer Appreciation ticket for 2016 (12+ hours volunteered for 2015) you may not apply. The discount for Volunteer Appreciation is the same as LIT tickets. LIT team volunteers also may not apply.
  • Applications and more info to come!

The team is seeking dedicated volunteers who would like to help us bring this program to life in order to help our fellow attendees make it home. Interested volunteers should contact Team Leader Beans.

Vote: 2016 Theme Selection

nov02Back in warm breezes of July (how we miss them) we asked you for ideas for Lakes’ 2016 theme and we received an amazing 170 suggestions. A few weeks ago, our hard-working team lead volunteers met in Chicago to hash through the coming year, and that team pored over the suggestions and narrowed down the list to five. And now the most important part of the process, your vote! Your voice is important. We’d love to see a hearty, positive debate as people decide what to vote for, so please share this with your attending friends and make sure they vote for what they’d like to see.

Please also respect your attendees and support our Communal Effort by not attempting to game the voting process – attempting to do so may have consequences.

Our choices (and the descriptions submitted with them) are:

  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • Time Warped
  • Synesthesia
  • The Cosmic Infernal
  • Mythical Creatures



Burn Date Announced

We are proud to announce that Lakes Of Fire 2016’s effigy will burn on June 18, 2016 at Lucky Lake Campground in Rothbury!  We continue to have a great relationship with the property owner, and are pleased to return.

Further specific date information (such as Early Entry and the first day of attendance) will be announced later. We know many of you have been requesting the date of the event so you can properly plan.

We appreciate your patience as our Board Of Directors worked through the contractual process!

Submit Your Effigy Design

You may now submit your Effigy Design for 2016!  We will close down the process for decision-making in mid-December, so make sure to get your idea in ASAP.

There will be much more detail available on Effigy Submission criteria in the coming week, so keep an eye out for it.

Art Grants Expand for 2016

Our Art Grant Lead wants our artists to start “whirling those gears” for 2016, as we get up to speed. He says that the potential disbursement of grant money this year will be up to an amazing $25,000 (twice as much as in 2015!)

Stay tuned for grant cycles to be announced soon!

A Word from Info_bot

july03We were blown away by your response to our request for quality applicants for the open Board of Directors seats from our past Lakes Letter!

We also received a lot of feedback from the community on making our event even more of a home for everyone; every voice is important and we are proud that you are opting to speak your mind with us!