Lakes Letter – December


TOPICS: 2016 Theme | Effigy Submissions Open | Art Grants Open 12-15

2016 Theme Announcement

dec01We’re excited to announce our theme for 2016!

Dust off your unicorn onesie – next year, we’ll see you at Lakes of Fire: Mythical Creatures.

We started with 170 suggestions, and narrowed it down to 5 finalists.  There were 455 unique votes on the final 5 theme ideas – Mythical Creatures won the most votes, and was also the top ranked pick.

Thanks to everyone who voted this year!

Effigy Submissions Now Open

A Note from the Effigy Council

dec02Calling all Fire Lovers and Effigy-Smiths!

We’re now accepting submissions for Lakes of Fire’s Effigy next year! Have an idea for something really big that looks great on fire? We have a terrific opportunity for you to have your vision come to life, or help someone see their vision come to life. If you have a burning desire to get your hands dirty with a team of artisans soon to be constructing one of the most generously funded art pieces at Lakes of Fire, read on.

It’s an open design contest; there are guidelines, but no limitations to your creativity. Inspired, imaginative, and challenging designs are welcome. Show us what inspires you, and tell us why it will inspire others.

The Effigy Build Team is a group of volunteers who are willing to build, transport, set up and burn down a large work of art. Your Build Team can submit your own design, or can build a design submitted by another applicant.

Previous build teams crafted a swingin’ tree, erected a pyramid and stuffed a ball inside it, beached a plywood whale, lit up a lighthouse, got all industrial with a factory, and last year brought a thrust-powered alien spaceship.


  • What will you build?
  • How will people interact with it?
  • What does it inspire in each of us?


If you are part of an effigy team, that’s SUPER, but an effigy build team is not required to submit a design. This is your opportunity to see your imagination come to life even if you’ve never used a power tool. We are a community, and as a community we can help you build your vision.

Effigy Council

Comprised of experienced builders and artisans from past Effigy Build teams, the Effigy Council represents our community by aiding and abetting those rare souls that really want to see their creations as the centerpiece of the festival; entertaining, enlivening, and positively interacting with the community. We also help to ensure that it gets burnt to the ground in a grand and beautiful fashion. We are here to advise on safety, economy, scheduling, and volunteer labor.

Deadline for Submission

If you are interested in submitting a design please email effigy@lakesoffire.org to register and obtain examples of past proposals for reference. Please include contact information (Name, Playa Name, Email, Phone Number) for your Build Lead and/or Effigy Lead.

Your completed effigy proposals are due on January 3, 2016 and must be digitally submitted to: effigy@lakesoffire.org.The Council will be meeting on January 5th to chose the winner.

Helpful Resources

Email all inquiries, thanks and praise to: effigy@lakesoffire.org

Burn baby burn!
-The Effigy Council

Art Grant Submissions Open 12/15

dec03Want to make some great art for Lakes of Fire this year? We have great news for you – this year, the Lakes of Fire Art Grant Committee has nearly TWICE as much money to give away as last year! That’s $25,000 that will be awarded to artists!

Given that the funds available for art grants have doubled this year, the Art Grant Committee has decided to split the selection process into two cycles.

In the first cycle we will be giving away up to $15,000. While the first round is intended to give applicants with bigger projects and larger budgets the opportunity to get an earlier start, we encourage everyone to submit their proposals early.

In the event that a project is submitted during the first cycle and is not selected, it will automatically be entered into the second cycle for further consideration. We intend (no promises!) to provide feedback those first cycle artists so that they can submit a revised application for the second cycle.

It’s time to fire up your imaginations and start working on a project proposal! We are really looking forward to being able to fund large art projects at an unprecedented level. We encourage those of you with bigger undertakings and associated hefty price tags to take advantage of the first cycle and get your submissions in!

Submissions for the first cycle will begin on 12/15/15 and be due by 1/23/16 Midnight Central Time.The second cycle’s due date is 2/20/16 Midnight Central Time.

Also new this year, the art grant committee has set aside funds for specific categories of applicants. We will have $2000 specifically set aside for water art, $500 for new artists, and $500 for artists under the age of 18! So, if your art fits into any of those categories, this is a great time to submit.

Details on the procedures for both cycles will be available shortly, but the time to get to work on your proposal is now. Let’s see all the great ideas you have for making this year’s Lakes of Fire an incredible art-filled wonderland!

Please visit the Lakes of Fire Art Grants page to find out more, and to apply!