Lakes Letter – late February


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Good evening, burner family!

Ticketing has run remarkably smoothly so far – our ticketing team continues to work with many hundreds of emails, so if you’re working with them, please be patient.

Congratulations to those who’ve gotten their tickets at this point, and if you haven’t, don’t give up hope – tickets continue to revolve through the system, and will do so all the way into summer.

Art Grants Closing Soon

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to submit an Art Grant, you only have a few days left! The second round form closes at February 21st at 1 am EST.

We’ll hear about the first round of accepted art grants shortly, so keep an eye on our Art Grants page!


Forms Forms Forms

We’ve reached that important time of the year when the teams are ready to accept applications and forms from burners looking to bring art, make fire, car camp, volunteer and more.

  • Photo by SnehaArt Grant form – This is where you go to apply for an art grant from Lakes of Fire. Closes February 21st at 1 am EST

  • Art Registration – This is the registration form for Art Projects at Lakes of Fire. If you are bringing an Art Project to Lakes of Fire, please fill out this form before April 24th.

  • Car Camping/RV Permit Pass – Fill out this form if you need to keep your car, RV or large vehicle at your campsite for theme/sound camp, health reasons, or other special circumstances. Form closes June 8th.

  • Fire Dancer and Conclave – The FAST (Fire Art Safety Team) requests that you fill out this form if you plan on dancing with fire at any point during Lakes of Fire. Closes May 1st.

  • Flame Effects – Any flame effect on site, whether it be in a theme camp, on an art cart or at the effigy, needs to be registered with FAST. Closes May 1st.

  • Mutant Vehicle Registration – All motorized vehicles traveling the Lakes of Fire road (outside of ingress/exit) must meet certain criteria and be declared using our DMV form. Form closes May 1st.

  • Sound Installation/Camp – This is the registration form for all sound at Lakes of Fire. Any piece that uses sound must be registered; theme camps, mutant vehicles and art projects. Form closes April 24th.

  • Photo by SkennedyTheme camp Registration – Please fill out this form if you would like to be placed, as a group, in an area outside of Open Camping.  By telling us your needs, Placement can put you in the area that’s best for you. Form closes May 1st.

  • Volunteer – This event could not happen without the many volunteers who take time out of their burn to help others. If you’d like to give back to the entire community, so we can keep the burn raging, this is where you need to go!

  • Wee Effigy & Other Small Effigy Application – This form is for the WEE Effigy Burn on Friday night and any additional small effigies that might want to be burned on Saturday after the main effigy burn.

  • WWW – WhatWhereWhen submission form – Submit your events to be included in the printed WhatWhereWhen guide that will be handed out at Lakes of Fire! They will also be included in any mobile or web-apps about Lakes of Fire events. You can submit events whether or not you’re part of a theme camp. Form closes May 17th.


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