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TOPICS: Lakes of Fire Food Drive | Volunteer Shifts Needed | Art Honoraria Chosen | LoF Tickets Fire Sale | Survival Guide

Lakes Of Fire Food Drive

Please bring additional non-perishables (cans preferred) to donate to the 3rd Annual LOF Food Drive!  Be sure to drop off any unused/unopened non-perishables on your way out on Sunday!

All food is being donated to the Trinity Lutheran Community Food Bank in New Era Michigan.  This food bank feeds over 4,500lbs of food to more than 180 families every week – this area of Michigan has one of the highest hunger rates and you can help!  The Greeter station will be accepting the food donations during their shifts and exodus. We’ve donated large quantities of food to the hungry in previous years, please help us keep paying it forward.

(Unopened/Unused Toiletries Are Also Welcome!)

Food must be:

  • Unopened
  • Non-perishable
  • Cans are preferred
  • No glass please

Important Volunteer Shifts Need You!

Perimeter Ninjas

Lakes of Fire’s awesomeness inevitably draws curious thrill seekers without tickets. In an effort to keep our boundaries secure and provide a safe environment, the Department of Perimeter Ninjas have been summoned!  Check out the Perimeter Ninjas page for more details – sign up to help protect our borders!


The Emergency Services Department still is in need of volunteers for critical shifts! If you are at least CPR and First Aid certified or higher or a trained firefighter, we want to hear from you. Email esd-medical@lakesoffire.org to sign up! Help is especially needed Saturday and Sunday morning, as well as throughout the day after gate opens.

The ESD Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) are also seeking volunteers with a professional background in crisis intervention. This can be mental health, social work, domestic violence, sexual assault, crisis-specific healthcare or other relevant work in which you’re accustomed to working with those experiencing a difficult time. Please email foxfur@lakesoffire.org if you are interested in more info!

Bean Counter

We are seeking a volunteer to take on a very important role for next year’s Lakes Of Fire – our Bean Counter! This position roughly equates to the Accounting Department, and helps keep track of expenses, receipts, money coming in, etc. It’s a critical administrative position that helps keep G.L.E.A. Inc.’s Lakes of Fire event profitable, financially secure, legal, and openly transparent to our community. Emailgryffn@gmail.com if you’d like to contribute.

NOTE: The Volunteer Sign-Up Form will be closing on Friday at Midnight, EST.  All volunteer inquiries after that time must go directly to the departments you’d like to work for, or contact volunteers@lakesoffire.org for questions.

Art Honoraria Chosen For 2016

a2957455-d3a6-4c14-a8a5-376ef5c1e283ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. This year’s Art Honorarium recipients are:

  • The Moofi Habitat
  • The Experiment
  • 8A
  • Syncytium Fire Garden
  • dcbbq
  • Truffula Tree Hammack Oasis
  • Ceramadelics
  • Dactyl headquarters
  • Rockness Monster

Check out our Art Hub page for details on each Honorarium!

LoF Tickets OMG Fire Sale!

To blast through tickets that have become available from people requesting refunds we are announcing the“OMG FIRE SALE”.

We’re left with some tickets we aren’t able to sell fast enough through the waiting list alone. Lakes of Fire wants everyone possible to be there and to refund as many people as we can. This sale of the remainder of the Lakes of Fire 2016 tickets will continue as we release addtional refunded tickets.


You will need a credit card or paypal account to make the purchase.You will need the following attendee details from their ticketing registration, which must match their government issued photo ID:

  • First name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Registration code (via the ticketing system)468574e9-c141-4121-8410-4b83f14c71fc
  • These tickets can not be refunded or transferred.
  • There will be no further offers made through the main system – from here on out it, it will only be used for registering and refund requests.
  • Like all 2016 Lakes of Fire tickets, they are “will call,” meaning you just show up with your government issued photo ID to get in.

We will share the website address where the sale will take place on the Lakes Of Fire Facebook group, the Lakes Of Fire website, and other locations shortly before the sale goes live.

Survival Guide

Hey, did you know that handheld lasers and drones (with limited exceptions) are not allowed at Lakes of Fire? Do you know what to do if someone needs medical help?

Rules on entry and Exodus, sound and photography guides, it’s all in the 2016 Survival Guide!


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We are so stoked (get it?!) to burn with you in a few short weeks!