Updated information on Matthew Vo

Posting on behalf of the GLEA Board of Directors.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts (GLEA) and the entire Lakes of Fire community offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Matthew Vo who passed away at the 2016 Lakes of Fire event. We are committed to sharing the most accurate and timely information we can about this incident with all those affected by it. This is the updated information as of 7:00 PM, Monday, June 20, 2016.

Matthew’s camp mates alerted event volunteers that he was missing Sunday, 6/19/16. An extensive search of the site was initiated and Oceana County Sheriffs responded including a marine search and rescue team to scan the small inland lake. Sunday’s searches did not turn up any sign of Matthew. Missing person information was spread both by local media, in the surrounding community, and extensively on social media.

On Monday morning 6/20/16, an event volunteer found Matthew’s body, in the water near the edge of the lake. An immediate response was made by two EMTs volunteering for the event and within minutes, Oceana County Sheriffs were also on site. Sheriff’s investigators say that pending an autopsy, the presumed cause of death is drowning.

Volunteer counseling resources from around the region and from Burning Man’s network of Black Rock Rangers are being made available to all family, friends, volunteers, event participants and others who are impacted by this tragic event. If you would like to speak with someone for support please reach out to rangers@lakesoffire.org. Gathering in person with your local communities, campmates, friends and family are also encouraged during this difficult time.

The outpouring of support has been tremendous. We especially thank the Oceana County Sheriffs team for their timely, professional, complete and caring response. In addition, we thank the extended community of Rothbury and Montague who assisted in searches Sunday. The extended Lakes of Fire community and the broader Burning Man communities around the world have offered great support to each other. Please take time to care for yourselves and for those around you as we all absorb this loss.

We honor Matthew’s spirit and are hearing beautiful stories about him. At this time, no announcement has been made about memorial services. We ask the extended Lakes of Fire community to hold Matthew, his family, and friends close in your thoughts.

We offer our sympathies to his family.

Thank you,

Lakes of Fire Board of Directors

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