Lakes Letter – August

Lakes Letter - Lakes of Fire, Great Lakes Regional Burn

TOPICS: Mythical Creatures | Take our Survey | Submit your Theme | Board Members Needed | Bean Counter Needed | Matthew Vo Fund

Lakes Of Fire: Mythical Creatures

Photo: Simon RubinsteinThis year was just as amazing as ever – the laughter and tears were in full force for the year of Mythical Creatures. The Lakes Of Fire team hopes your experience was as incredible for you as it was for all of us.

We were so fortunate to have so many people participating with full hearts – so many art projects, a fierce and interactive Effigy, brilliant new theme camps, and all of your individual gifts and sacrifices for your fellow burner made it unique and priceless.

Thank you for putting so much effort into Lakes of Fire once again. From our heart of hearts, we at Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc., want to thank you for being such a passionate, artistic, and loving community. We <3 you!

Please take a moment to thank the people who donated their party time to stand out in the sun and direct traffic, pick upmoop, or otherwise contributed to the survival and success of the event.

Many participants allowed us to share their photos with the community for our yearly collection. If you’d like to relive the week, check out our Google photo gallery or ourFacebook photo gallery. We’ve checked with each person but if you see a picture of yourself you’d like us to remove, no problem! Just let us know.

Take our Mythical Creatures Survey!

Every year, Lakes of Fire asks our attendees to fill out a survey so that we can better understand the experience of all the amazing burners who attend Lakes – whether it’s your first time or it’s old hat.

We’re always interested in improving every aspect of the event – please participate in our survey and share it amongst your camp mates and friends!

Submit Your 2017 Theme Suggestions!

Photo: Rick Blevins  Do you have an awesome idea for Lakes Of Fire’s next theme?

Can your idea follow in the steps of (or be totally way more awesome-er than) Mythical Creatures, Fabulous Contraption, Release the Kraken, Superstition, It Was on Fire When We Got Here, Anima Mundi, A Spaced Oddity, and Metamorphosis?

Share your wonderful theme idea with us, and don’t forget to spread the word! The more ideas, the better.

The Lakes of Fire leads will select out of the many hundreds of suggestions for you to vote on later in the year.

G.L.E.A. Board Members Needed!

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. is seeking two highly dedicated volunteers to join its Board of Directors in 2017. Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. Board members are the legal face of Lakes of Fire and are directly responsible for the long-term production and sustainability of the event.

Candidates would ideally have some experience volunteering with Lakes of Fire as a Team Lead, or a Shift Lead in previous years, however, there are no prerequisites for joining our Board of Directors, other than a deep commitment to seeing Lakes of Fire continue to thrive.

If you feel you have the experience and desire to serve the organization, event, and attendees through this vital role, consider filling out the Interest form beforeOctober 15th to be considered for the open Board positions.

Join us as the Lead Bean Counter!

We are seeking a volunteer to take on a very important role for next year’s Lakes Of Fire – our Bean Counter!

This position roughly equates to the Accounting Department, and helps keep track of expenses, receipts, money coming in, etc. It’s a critical administrative position that helps keep G.L.E.A. Inc.’s Lakes of Fire event profitable, financially secure, legal, and openly transparent to our community.

We need to fill this role soon – please email gryffn@gmail.com if you’d like to contribute by August 15.

Matthew Vo fund for charity

If you would like to contribute to a fund for Matt Vo, you are welcome to join the GoFundMe campaign set up for charity.  It reads in part:

Matt Vo“We are collecting funds for the family in the devastating loss of their first-born son Matt Vo.

Their plan is to donate the proceeds towards a charitable foundation for autism, in support of his brother Alex.  Matt always loved his brother and would have wanted to help others like him.

Matt was a selfless, kind and generous person who lit up the lives of anyone he touched. Although Matt was known to be a quiet and private person, he had an understated charismatic personality that naturally drew people to him.  He was always someone you could share a good chuckle with or be that shoulder to lean on.  Matt, your kindness is an inspiration to all of us and you will live in our hearts and memories forever.”

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We miss you already!