Lakes Letter – January 2017

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Event Details | 2017 Art Grant Info | Board of Directors

Event Details Announced

  • We are increasing ticket sales from 2,000 to 2,200 tickets
  • Tickets will be available for $100 per person (the same as in 2016)
  • Gates will open at 10:00 am on Wednesday, June 14
  • Gates close at 5:00 pm on Sunday, June 18

Photo: Scott KennedyWe sell out incredibly fast every year; last year, we had twice as many registrants as there were tickets available.  We have sought to increase our attendance in a manageable fashion, and this year we have increased our capacity to reflect that.  Additionally, we are not increasing ticket prices.

With growth, we have additional challenges and responsibility – please do your part by helping to acculturate your newly attending friends, and encourage people to spend a little time volunteering; Lakes is a volunteer-run event, which means the people putting on your wristband and the people cleaning up MOOP on Sunday afternoon are participants just like you.

2017 Art Grant Info

Photo: Shannon HartnettSubmissions for Art Grants open on January 18th, so get your proposals ready! We are very excited to announce that there will be a total of $30,000 available in art grants for new projects to be created this year. This year’s theme is ‘Fire and Ice’; we hope that this will inspire you to develop some dramatic and interesting proposals.

It’s time to get fired up, because there is only one round of submissions this year and the final deadline is February 18th!

So, get them wheels a-turning, designs a-drawing, and applications a-submitting!

Changes in the Board of Directors

The G.L.E.A. Board of Directors is pleased to welcome four new Board members. Please help us in welcoming to the team: Mary “Blue” Green, Nuri “Raptor” Gocay, Jeff “Dudewolf” Deehan, and Michael “Michael Sherwin” Sherwin.

Much gratitude goes to our outgoing Board Members, Andrea “Captain Blood” North, Chance “Gryffin” Loman, Eric “Pirate” Branson, and Ardyth “RD” Paganone, whose exemplary service, stewardship, and dedication to sustainability of our event during their terms as members of the Board was a wonderful example to us all.

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