Lakes of Fire’s 2017 WhatWhereWhen Guide

 It’s here!  Your tireless Info_bot team have worked their tippy typey fingers to the bone to provide you with delicious information. Please take a look at our WWW guide for all the vital deets about what’s happening very soon indeed at Lucky Lake.  Black and White copies will be made available during the event in a limited capacity (as always) at Greeters and the Nexus in order to not waste paper. Share with your mates!

Please feel free to save the PDF to your favorite device.

Also, feel free to use a burner-created app version of our schedule, available on iOS – just search for Lakes of Fire.  Thanks, Reuben!

Because the list of your events was so enormous , we had to get creative on how to pack it in – this year there is a brief schedule listed separately from an alphabetical event description, allowing us to use space efficiently.

Please use it, and let us know what you think, for future years.

Also, for those who want it individually – the 2017 map!


  • This is only a helpful tool, not a mission-critical application.
  • People forget when they scheduled their event and react with shock at the times in the WWW – we aren’t responsible for you confusing 12 AM Thursday and 11:59 PM Thursday when you set up your event, or for your state of mind when you wrote your description; it goes in the book like you sent it in, thanks to XML. 🙂
  • Theme camps sometimes move after our printing deadline – if your site # is wrong, be imaginative – put up a sign, or send someone with a megaphone to lead people back to your camp like the pied piper. Or convince them to swap camps.
  • The final version is already being printed.  If we made an error, we deeply apologize, and promise to make it up to you by playing very, very weird music on Radio SGC – in your honor!

Thank you all for providing such an incredible communal experience for your fellow burners. Every single moment of this burn was crafted by people donating their time, money, and energy into making this experience happen for you.

You wonderful motherfuckers.

See you soon.
– Info_bot