Lakes Letter – August 3, 2017

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Gratitude | Lakes of Fire 2017 Survey | Suggest a Theme for Lakes of Fire 2018 | Fire & Ice Photos


We at Info_bot want to thank you for creating an incredible experience for us all.

Whether you spent the last six months welding steel or you strapped on the construction-paper unicorn horn you made in the car on the way up, you made this burn unique and priceless.

Thank you!

Lakes of Fire 2017 Survey

Flames | Photo: Katelyn WolletThe leads have recovered from their post-Lakes coma and are ready to tackle 2018 – please take our yearly post event survey so we can use your feedback to guide our plans!

We ask questions about your volunteer time, your ticketing circumstances, and about our event schedule software in order to plan for the future with the experiences of our fellow attendees in mind.

This will help us make decisions for 2018, so spread the word amongst your camp mates.

Lakes of Fire: Fire & Ice Survey

Suggest a Theme for Lakes of Fire 2018

What theme would you like to see Lakes of Fire have for 2018? Submissions are open!  We will close down the submission form before the Leads have their Fall Retreat, and they will select a bunch for final voting by all attendees.  It can be whatever you want, but the best themes seem to be any number of these:

  • Timeless
  • Relevant to this year
  • Easy to develop into artwork
  • Hilarious
  • Meaningful
  • Topical to Lakes of Fire or Burns in general

2018 Theme Suggestion

Fire & Ice Photos


Skulls | Photo: Katie ForbesWe asked you to provide us with the best photos taken at Lakes Of Fire this year and you sure delivered! The artwork was tremendous, the sights were delightful and the vibe is fantastic.

Many participants allowed us to share their photos with the community for our yearly collection.

We’ve checked with each person but if you see a picture of yourself you’d like us to remove, no problem! Just let us know.

We’re grateful for all the artists and photographers who shared their work for our yearly photo album – special thanks to Sassycat, our photo_bot, who took photos of as much art as possible for us!

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