Lakes Letter – January 17, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Directed Theme Camp Ticket Sales | Art Grants for 2018! | Afterburn Report and Financial Statement | New Board Members

We know everyone’s super excited about tickets for 2018 – please expect a special Lakes Letter with information about ticketing coming soon.

Directed Theme Camp Ticket Sales

Direct Tickets for theme camps will return to Lakes of Fire in 2018 with some new twists to keep things interesting. While we will be offering the same number of tickets as last year (10% of total available tickets), there will be larger pools of tickets offered to fewer camps. Smaller theme camps might consider joining forces to create a really special space through combined talents and concepts. We are switching things up this year to encourage and reward interactivity, scope, and scale, so if you’d like to participate, bring your A+ game!

Tickets will be distributed by a jury of invested LoF departments – LNT, Placement and Sound, with two additional members. One spot is open for a community member to join up, if you are interested in helping… select the theme camps of tomorrow… make sure to apply by Sunday, January 28th!

Send your creative inspiration for the best, weirdest, flyest Theme Camp Lakes of Fire has ever seen on into the Directed Theme Camp Ticket application by Sunday, February 11th.

As with last year, we will be closely monitoring this program to ensure it promotes a better Lakes of Fire.

Art Grants for 2018!

This year, Lakes Of Fire will grant $35,000 of the community’s money to new art at Lakes of Fire for 2018’s Bedtime Stories.

Submissions for Art Grants will open on January 18th and shall continue until February 18th (1 AM EST). Notification of the results of your grant application will be given by March 9th.

We look forward to seeing how Bedtime Stories or your other inspirations will reveal themselves this year! Visit our Art Grant web page for further details.


Afterburn Report and Financial Statement

The Board of Directors for Great Lakes Experimental Arts (the 501c4 arts charity organization that puts on Lakes of Fire) is pleased to share with you their Afterburn Report and Financial Statement for 2017.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the board at board@lakesoffire.org

New Board Members

The G.L.E.A. Board would like to welcome two new Board members. Please welcome: Jessica “Rabit” Baile and Scott Van de Vyver.

Much gratitude goes to our outgoing Board Members, Jeff “Dudewolf” Deehan and Michael Sherwin, whose exemplary service and stewardship of the sustainability of our event during their terms on the Board was a wonderful example to us all.

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