Lakes Letter – May 31, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Fire Sale Details | Parking Permits Closing Early | Operation: Trash Dump

Fire Sale Details

Lakes Of Fire will sell all remaining event tickets in a Fire Sale beginning Saturday, June 2, 2018, at 12:00 noon (Eastern time) / 11:00am (Central time).  The Fire Sale will end on Tuesday June 12, 2018, at 6:00pm (Eastern time) / 5:00pm (Central time).

The Lakes of Fire 2018 Fire Sale will be through Brown Paper Tickets.

All tickets sold through the Fire Sale are Will-Call only and are non-refundable.  Each participant purchasing a ticket must provide their legal name and date of birth, as shown on a government-issued ID, at the time of purchase.  Every participant must bring their government-issued ID to the Gate to enter Lakes Of Fire.  No tickets are available for purchase at the Gate, and persons who are not on the Will-Call list will be refused entry.

Registration with the main Lakes Of Fire ticketing system is not required to purchase tickets through the Fire Sale.  Up to two tickets may be purchased per transaction (this will allow a couple to purchase two Fire Sale tickets together, if tickets are available).  Each person must enter their full legal name and DOB at the time of purchase; tickets cannot be purchased and assigned later.

Please note that your status in the main ticketing system will not be updated to reflect purchases made through the Fire Sale, but your name and details will still be on the Will Call list used at Gate for your entry.  Make sure (double check! triple check!) that your name and birthday are entered correctly, because this will have to match your ID at Gate!

Refunds for tickets purchased in the main ticketing system will remain available until Tuesday, June 12, at 12:00 noon (Eastern time) / 11:00am (Central time). Tickets submitted for a refund will be placed into the Fire Sale as soon as practical. Refunds are no longer guaranteed, so the later you ask for a refund, the greater the risk that your ticket will not be re-purchased and you will not receive a refund. Refund dollars will be processed AFTER Lakes of Fire. Tickets purchased in the Fire Sale are not refundable.

Fire Sale

Parking Permits Close Early

Photo: Katie ForbesDue to WILDLY increased demand, Parking Permit applications will be closing on June 3rd – Sunday night – so we can get things processed in time.

If you NEED a Parking Permit, apply NOW. If you’ve already applied, you will be getting a confirmation email with more information VERY SOON.

Parking Permits

Operation: Trash Dump

Photo: Katelyn WolletWe are happy to announce that this year we will begin a new project in collaboration with the local fire department – Operation: Trash Dump!

There will be a trash collection station at the end of Gate road during Exodus. You may pay $5/bag to dump moop before leaving the property (no furniture). The proceeds, less the dumpster fee, will be donated to the local fire department!

Please don’t forget to drop off your returnables at Recycle Camp!

Do NOT dump your trash in town or at the closest freeway exit – if you do not use the trash collection station, you need to take your trash all the way home!

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