Lakes Letter – Nov 9th, 2019

TOPICS: Fall Leads Retreat Update | Theme Announcement for 2020!

Fall Leads Retreat Update

The Fall Retreat saw some new leaders and new roles:

  • Effigy Council.  Effigy Council has assumed full department status, headed by Mario and Odin who join us as leads.  Welcome to the team!
  • GLEA Board.  Let’s welcome Board members to their 3-year appointments:
    • Jin – She’s returning for a full term!
    • Jackpot – Jackpot will get full boardie status in January 2020.
  • New Leads in Training.  We are thrilled to see new faces stepping up to make Lakes of Fire great with their energy, ideas, and hard work.  Please welcome your new Leads In Training:
    • Alice, LIT for Perimeter Ninjas
    • Squeezie, LIT for Gate
    • Tripbox, LIT for Art Hub

A huge shout-out to our entire Board, and especially Megan, for the hours of thought, planning, and coordination it took to make the retreat a success.  You ran a packed agenda with a full room. It could not have happened without you.


Theme Announcement for 2020!

The Lakes of Fire leads team has waited patiently for this letter to drop.  It’s time we made it official: the Lakes of Fire theme for 2020.

But first… If you haven’t already, join the Lakes Letter to get key dates for the ticket lottery, event times in 2020, and more important updates like these.

And thanks to everyone who sent their ideas in the August call for themes.  The leads deliberated over the community’s submissions in the weeks before the retreat and voted by paper ballot to decide the winner.


We’re going to space!

Several people submitted space themes; Lakes in Space was the title chosen with the principle of Community Effort.

Hope to see you at Lakes of Fire 2020: LAKES IN SPACE!

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Space!?  What about looking backward instead of forward?!?  2020 IS HINDSIGHT! Like anyone ever had fun with a space theme…  *grouch grumble snark*