Lakes Letter – December 15th, 2019

LAKES LETTER || Call for Effigy, Art Facilitators, and DT Jury | Art Grant Updates | Welcome our Mobility Liaison! | A Message to our Volunteers | Ticketing Process


Call for Effigy Ideas

We need your ideas for the 2020 effigy!  Some of the best ideas come from the roughest 

drafts.  Just look at Pumpkinscape’s humble beginnings!

This isn’t just a call to artists.  It’s an invitation to everyone who wants to join in. The call for early submissions gives us a chance to connect you with other artists, builders, and architects.

Send us your ideas by January 3rd. You don’t have to have a team or all the answers – a sketch will do, even on a napkin.  The full application is due January 20th; you can read about the full build application process here.


Call for Art Grant Facilitators

If you want to volunteer pre-event and support the arts at Lakes, I have great news: the Art Grants team is recruiting facilitators!

Facilitators are a vital part of Lakes of Fire.  They select which art projects will be awarded a grant. They also act as key contacts for artists before and during the event.

Read more and apply now for the team.  We need you as early as January!


Call for Directed Ticket Jury

The Ticketing team is now accepting applications for community juror positions for the Theme Camp Directed Tickets program.

Once DT applications are submitted, jurors from the community and LOF Leads grade theme camp applications to allocate the limited number of directed tickets available for the 2020 event. Read more and apply for the jury.


Art Grant Updates

The 2020 Art Grant Application opens December 23, 2019! Check out the Art Grants page for guidelines, sample applications and more.  You can also get in touch with the team at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.  Get ready!





Welcome our Mobility Liaison!

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative: Mobility! We’re exploring a number of ways to improve our Burn for not-so-mobile folx, including expanded shuttles with later hours, volunteer opportunities for those with mobility issues, increasing awareness, increased access to large port-o-potties, and assistance with set-up and tear down.

Kelly Bells, a longtime Lakes of Fire participant, has volunteered to step up as the new Mobility Liaison. Kelly herself has mobility challenges, and wants to help those with mobility difficulties have a more inclusive, less reclusive experience at the Lake.

Check out the new ADA/Mobility Liaison page or contact Kelly directly at mobility@lakesoffire.org.


A Message to our Volunteers

As an entirely volunteer-led and organized event, Lakes couldn’t happen without everyone who took a shift during the burn.  Thanks to everyone who put in the time in 2019!

All volunteer hours have now been collected and compiled by the Volunteering team.  If you have any questions about your hours, to please contact the Volunteer Dream Team directly at volunteer@lakesoffire.org.


Ticketing Process

We are still finalizing the event dates for 2020.  In the meantime, December is a good time to read up on the Lakes of Fire ticket lottery process.  Since we’re sticking with BurnerTickets.com for 2020, you can expect the Ticketing page to be helpful and accurate.



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Big shout-out to the Effigy and Art teams for pushing to get applications open so early! Can one of our projects be a working space shuttle? Don’t think I’ll ever fly on SpaceX, but there are other ways to touch the stars…