Lakes Letter – Jan 21st, 2020

LAKES LETTER || Is Your Email Filtering Us!? | Ticketing Updates | Volunteer Ticketing Updates | Theme Camp Forms and Dates | Art Grants Application Closing Soon! | Lakes in Space, Call For Effigy | An Update from your Mobility Liaison


Is Your Email Filtering Us?!

If so, you may not even see this! But just in case: if you think you’ve missed emails from Lakes of Fire, check your Spam, Social, or Promotions folders on your email client.

Pro tip for those looking for an email from Ticketing, especially gmail users: try a search for “tickets@lakesoffire.org” We’re getting a few reports that GMail is auto-sorting Ticketing emails into folders, instead of leaving it in the inbox.


Ticketing Updates

Wristbands - Photo: SkennedyLakes of Fire will take place at Lucky Lake, June 17-21, 2020.  A full-priced ticket to Lakes of Fire this year will cost $126.  If you get a ticket, you will need to electronically agree to our 2020 Terms of Service (which looks suspiciously similar to our waiver).

Did you know that Lakes of Fire has a Low-Income Discount (LID) program?  A discounted ticket is $63 (all fees are included).  You will need to meet our LID criteria and have a ticket offer in-hand to qualify.  Check out the Low-Income Discount Page to learn more and apply.  The application for non-volunteer tickets will close Feb 22nd, 2020.

Much like last year, we will offer tickets through a lottery system on our ticket platform, BurnerTickets.com.  Lottery registration will begin Feb 1st, 2020 and end on Feb 22nd, 2020.  Lottery ticket sales will begin Feb 29th, 2020.  Learn about the registration process, registering your minors, and more on our Ticketing Page.


Volunteer Ticketing Updates

Volunteer ticket offers were sent by email on Jan 18th, 2020.  If you worked 8 or more hours for a Lakes of Fire department last year, you should have received an offer to the email address you used for volunteering.  Check your inbox, your Spam folders, and under the couch. Volunteer ticket offers expire on Feb 22nd, 2020.

If you qualify for our Low-Income Discount program and have a full-price ticket offer, you can get your ticket for $63 instead of $126.  Fill in the Volunteer LID Application no later than Feb. 1st, 2020.  You can still email the LID Team directly if you missed the deadline.

All other questions about your ticket offer should go directly to the 2020 Volunteer Ticket Inquiries form.


Theme Camp Forms and Dates

Circulation Desk in tentTheme Camp Registration Form will open on Feb 17th, 2020. The form will accept Theme Camp Applications for 6 weeks and close Mar 30th, 2020.  Keep an eye on the Key Dates and Forms page for the link.

You can also apply for Directed Theme Camp Ticketing on the Key Dates and Forms page.  You have until Feb 22nd, 2020 to apply for a block of tickets for your camp.  (Learn more about Directed Theme Camp Tickets on our website.)


Art Grant Applications Closing Soon!

The Art Grants Application form is still open and closing soon. You have until Jan 31st, 2020 to apply!


Lakes in Space, Call for Effigy

We’ve received some exciting napkin art and would love to see more! If you didn’t submit a napkin, get us your full submission today!  The window is closing!

Any questions, just hit us up at effigy@lakesoffire.org.


An Update from your Mobility Liaison

Kelly Bells, ADA LiaisonKelly Bells here, your 2020 Lakes of Fire Mobility Liaison. I’m super excited to be spearheading this effort and am very appreciative of everyone who has already reached out and offered to help with this initiative.

Just a heads up that there will be an opportunity for you to voluntarily register as someone with a mobility challenge when you purchase your ticket.

Our goal is to provide assistance with setup and breakdown of your tent for those who request it, and get you connected with volunteer opportunities that will cater to your mobility needs. We will also be using this as a gauge for determining shuttle service.

You can contact me at lofmobility@gmail.com. I do have a full time job in addition to this volunteer role, so be patient when waiting for a response. I will get back to you ASAP.




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Huge thanks to Scuba and MMSS (Ticketing Department) and Ana and Havoc (Volunteer Dream Team) for hustling to get our volunteer offers out for 2020.

Meanwhile, blueprints for the Mothership and orbital space stations are pouring in. I’m thinking about other big questions. What food do you pack on the shuttle ride to space? And do you serve it on Q Plates…?