Lakes Letter – Feb 13th, 2020

LAKES LETTER || Ticketing Update – Don’t Wait! | Art Grants Update | Newbie Orientation | Mobility Squad Update | Code of Conduct Committee FAQ


Ticketing Update – Don’t Wait!

If you received a volunteer ticket offer and plan to go in 2020, don’t wait!  Volunteer ticket offers expire on Feb 22nd.

Lottery registration began Feb 1st and will end on Feb 22nd.  Lottery ticket sales will begin Feb 29th.  Learn about the registration process, registering your minors, and more on our Ticketing Page.

Did you know that Lakes of Fire has a Low-Income Discount (LID) program?  A discounted ticket is $63 (all fees are included).  You will need to meet our LID criteria and have a ticket offer in-hand to qualify.  Check out the Low-Income Discount Page to learn more and apply.  The application for non-volunteer tickets will close Feb 22nd.


Art Grants Update

The Art Grants team met on 2/12 in a marathon 4-hour call for the first review of all 82 grant applications. Emails have gone out to a dozen or so artists with follow up questions that need to be answered soon.  If you submitted an art grant, check the email you provided in your application to see if we sent you a question. Our facilitators are fully diving into applications so sending us your response is time sensitiveReach out to Foxy and Sparkplug if you have any questions.

There is a lot of magical stuff being proposed, making our jobs even harder!  More news to come… STAY TUNED.


Newbie Orientation

Do you want to attend Lakes of Fire for the first time? Is this perhaps your first burn of any kind? Do you have questions about the event or Burning Man culture? Have you been to many burns and have some stories to share? Have no fear! Lakes of Fire Newbie Orientation is here for you.

Orientation will be Saturday April 25th starting at 3 PM, held in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood at Celtic Crown Public House, 4301 N Western Ave. Come get educated and acculturated!  Meet fellow newbies as well as seasoned veterans and discover more about Lakes of Fire and the 10 Principles of Burning Man.


Mobility Squad Update!

Greetings campers!  Kelly Bells here. Big thanks for the awesome response to this initiative. This is what radical inclusion is all about!

EXCITING UPDATE FOR 2020!!  This year, every row of portos will include one that is accessible! This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge for those who benefit from the features accessible portos provide. Hooray! Let’s remember to only use the accessible portos as a last resort if you are able-bodied, and leave them especially clean for our campers with disabilities and small children needing parental assistance.

A reminder that anyone with mobility challenges will be able to request assistance with setting up and tearing down your tent this year. Look for the checkbox when purchasing your ticket to indicate you need help. I will be reaching out to everyone after ticket sales have closed to get your arrival details and schedule our volunteers.

Note – Setup help is for individual tents only. Theme camp/infrastructure set up is not included.

We are taking names of ticketed individuals who are interested in volunteering for the Mobility Squad. Volunteer scheduling will begin when ticket sales have closed. These are the volunteer roles we will have available:

  • Shuttle Drivers: 4 hours – First dibs to those with mobility issues. Drive shuttle cart around the lake and give rides to those in need. Check in on campers with disabilities and provide rides where needed. Shuttle times based on demand and number of volunteers. Sobriety required.
  • Setup Helpers: 4 hours – Teams of 2 will assist with tent setup and/or breakdown for campers who have requested help. Scheduling based on demand.
  • Shift Leaders: 4 hours – Shift leads will be responsible for wrangling our volunteers during shift changes and be the point person for anything that comes up during the shift, including directing Setup Helpers to where they are needed and documenting hours for volunteers. Scheduling based on demand.

We can also connect you to other departments with volunteer roles for campers with mobility challenges. Reach out – we are here to help!

-Kelly Bells



Code of Conduct Committee FAQ

This is the first post in a series about the Code of Conduct Committee.  Today we give you an introductory article to answer some frequently asked questions.

What is the Code of Conduct Committee?

The committee is a group of veteran burners who are volunteering in order to help our burn be fun and safer for EVERYONE. They are a third-party team that listens, supports, and investigates interpersonal issues. Burner culture is in many ways ahead of others when it comes to consent, but we can do even better, and the organizers of Lakes of Fire and the Code of Conduct Committee members want the community to know we take conduct concerns seriously.

What does the Code of Conduct Committee do?

The committee listens, supports, documents, and potentially does some additional fact-finding after a report of a consent violation or other violation of our Code of Conduct.  All communications with the Conduct Committee are confidential; the committee accepts reports directly and throughout the year.  Investigations may take time as committee members gather information, document all angles possible, consider patterns, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, who then make a final determination on how to act.

The Conduct Committee is intended to educate, not punish, and recommend actions in the interest of community safety.  Serious violations may lead to asking people not to return to the event or removing them from event-owned social media groups.

When should I contact the Code of Conduct Committee?

If you are aware of any violation of consent or our Code of Conduct policies, you can contact the committee (see below). Provide all of the information you have, even if it is incomplete. The CoCC handles issues year-round; however, urgent conduct reports submitted between the two weeks preceding Lakes of Fire and the two weeks after will be handled by the Board of Directors.

Who is on the Code of Conduct Committee?

Code of Conduct Committee members are nominated, interviewed, vetted veteran burners with passion, knowledge, and training in consent-related matters. While we try to be as transparent as possible, the identities of our Conduct Committee team are not released. Anonymity protects EVERYONE involved from harassment – those who report and those who investigate. Please be assured that Committee members are not current Lakes of Fire Department Team Leads or Board members (other than the non-voting Board liaison) in order to promote an environment of fair decision-making.

How do I contact the Code of Conduct Committee?

You can reach the committee by emailing us at conduct@lakesoffire.org or you can use the Conduct Report Form to submit a report. To learn more about the committee, you can visit the Code of Conduct page on our website.



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A big welcome to Reagan, Lead-In-Training for the Volunteer Dream Team!  Reagan joins our brave LITs at other departments, Squeezie (Gate) and Tripbox (ArtHub).  This family just keeps growing!

Speaking of growing families, I think I see the mothership on the horizon…  Better get more space bags to entertain the out-of-towners.