Lakes Letter – November 23, 2021

LAKES LETTER || Fall Retreat Recap 2021

Fall Retreat Recap 2021

Your Lakes of Fire Leads conducted our annual Fall Retreat and 2022 event cycle kick-off meeting on November 6-7, 2021. Safety and sustainability of the event were primary topics of discussion. We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with plans to hold LOF at Lucky Lake in June 2022! The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

The Leads and Board of Directors have determined that a COVID-19 entry and safety policy will be in place for LOF’22, although the exact contours are still being worked out. Please give us patience while we talk with experts, event planning peers, and the community as a whole. We will keep the community informed as the processes are solidified over the next few months.

While unpredictable factors could call for changes to LOF’22, we are optimistic that we can hold a safe and legal event as more and more people are vaccinated. Please make sure to sign up for our Lakes Letter, as any announcements will be made here. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, please consider doing so to protect those you love and the wider community.

If you held a ticket to 2020 and received a refund in 2021, please keep a watchful eye on the email address associated with your Burner Tickets account. Our Ticketing team will be sending out emails to confirm that the address we have on file is correct. Information regarding 2021’s cancellation can be found here.

Please enjoy a snapshot of your event Leads at our Fall Retreat meeting:

We are honored and excited to build an incredible experience with you once again, to live our best lives at the lake, and to tear it right back down again. Our motivation to be safely reunited with you is what is driving everything we do, and we cannot wait to get this rocket ship off to space. Best wishes for the rest of 2021 … according to rumors, it was better next year.

The GLEA Board of Directors and your Lakes of Fire Leads

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Are we finally going home? I have to pinch myself..!