Lakes Letter – February 20, 2022

LAKES LETTER || COVID-19 Safety Information | Call for Bean Counters | Placement Form Open | Back 40 Fires | Ticketing Reminder


COVID-19 Safety Policy Information

Our policy for COVID-19 is taking shape. We will keep it updated on the COVID-19 Policy page and keep you up-to-date here in the Lakes Letter. Here is our statement from the GLEA Board and Leads regarding our current position:

As we ramp up and prepare for our first event in 2 years, the Leads and Board of Directors are committed to preserving the safety and health of all participants at Lakes of Fire 2022. We will continue to track, discuss, and seek input from local officials. As of February 2022, we have decided to implement a baseline for precautionary measures that will help us all return home this summer. As with everything related to this pandemic, this is not set in stone and we will continue to provide updates and additional details as we get closer to the event. Information about this disease, and how best to manage it, is ever evolving, and as such, so must we.

After consulting with the local health department, our current and general plan will be:

  • Proof of vaccination (at least two weeks after receiving the final dose, and booster required if you are eligible)
  • OR written or electronic documentation of a recent negative test that was administered by a licensed facility

We of course will always encourage everyone to test and practice infection mitigation measures prior to Lakes of Fire. The exact time-frame in which the negative test must be within, as well as what types of testing we will accept, has yet to be determined. This is just the foundation, and it has the possibility of changing and adjusting as time goes on.

We want to assure our community that we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure a safe atmosphere. We strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated and practice all safety precautions.


Call for Bean Counters!

If you love accounting, have we got a job for you. The GLEA Board and Leads organization are grateful to Weldy for his years of service and are in search of a bean counter to help us keep our finances and accounting organized. If you have an interest in helping Lakes of Fire with this great responsibility, please email the GLEA Board of Directors with your interest. Thank you!


Placement Form Open

Theme Camp organizers – it’s time to register with Placement! That’s right, the Placement Registration Form is open. If you plan to bring a Theme Camp to Lakes of Fire 2022, you will need to register with the Placement department to find out where around Lucky Lake you’ll be free to put down your tents, your geodesic dome, your fire-breathing unicycle repair shop, your unicorn-themed ball pit, etc. Don’t get stuck with too little space – register today! This form will stay open until April 4th, 11:59 PM EST.


Back 40 Fire Update

Just in case you want to be placed in the Back 40, we’ve got good news – you can have your own fire there now! This neighborhood was formerly restricted to one communal fire only, this year we offer participants the use of personal wood burning camp/cook fires, and “quiet” flame effects. The Back 40 will continue to be a place for theme camps and open camping participants with no amplified sound louder than a boom box. Sound good to you? Check out the Back 40 page to learn more.


Ticketing Reminder

Just to recap from January’s Lakes Letter: We will be offering tickets to 2020 ticket holders this year, followed by a general lottery or fire sale afterward. 2020 ticket holders will be able to buy a 2022 ticket starting March 1st and ending April 1st. Watch your email inbox and your BurnerTickets.com accounts, 2020 ticket holders! After April 1st, we will know how many tickets we can still offer within our capacity at Lucky Lake. You may be helped by beholding this, a flowchart by former Boardie and current Ticketing co-lead, Raptor (thanks, Raptor!):

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Thank the stars, a flowchart! *lights it on fire, spins it ecstatically in circles* THIS is the paperwork that gets me hot!