Lakes Letter – March 29, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Ticketing | CoCC Volunteers Wanted | Volunteer Interest Form | Key Dates and Forms Update | Effigy Podcast | COVID Policy Is Online | Come to Newbie Orientation | A Message from Your ADA Liaison | New Accessible Role with Greeters

There is so much going on that this letter needs a Table of Contents:


Ticketing Update

April 3rd Ticket Offer Deadline

Attention, people with a Lakes of Fire ticket offer on Burnerticktes.com! You have until end of the day, April 3rd, to buy your ticket. Otherwise, it’s legit gone.

If you were expecting a ticket offer and didn’t get it, please fill out this form.

Ticket Sales to Date

With the Ticket Purchase Window closing rapidly, as of 3/28/22, we have sold:

  • 1,351 Tickets sold, of which 73 are children 0-12, and 6 are teens aged 13-17.
  • We have collected $4,833 in Donations for Art
  • 164 out of 230 Directed Theme Camp tickets have been purchased
  • 461 Volunteer Full Priced Tickets have been sold
  • 224 Half Priced Volunteer tickets have been sold

Please purchase your ticket and encourage your friends and neighbors to purchase before the April 3rd almost-midnight deadline. Because we can’t predict sales in the last 10 days, we still do not know if we will release more tickets for Lakes of Fire 2022. Stay tuned for more information in April.

Reminders about Ticket Transfers

Do not pay more than face value of a ticket – that’s $150 on the button, and that number includes all taxes and fees. If someone is asking for anything besides $150, we want to know about it. Send any screenshots to tickets@lakesoffire.org. We take the Principle of Decommodification extremely seriously and we do not tolerate scalping.

If you buy a ticket from someone, transfers can only happen through Burnertickets.com. Printed, emailed, or screenshots or barcodes or whatever are scams. The electronic ticket gets transferred from their account to yours on Burnertickets.com; there’s no other way.

As the buyer, you must receive and confirm the ticket transfer in your account BEFORE sending payment. If a buyer doesn’t pay, it’s easy for the Ticketing Team to reverse the transfer. Seriously. However, if you send $150 via CashApp or Paypal and the seller disappears, there’s nothing we can do.


Code of Conduct Committee Seeking Volunteers

Looking for a way to get involved with Lakes of Fire year-round? The Code of Conduct Committee is currently seeking volunteers. The Conduct Committee’s role is to provide empathetic support, review conduct incidents, document reports, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. We aim to ensure our participants can report issues without fear of retribution or bias and with confidentiality.

If you are interested in being a part of this anonymous, 5-person panel, please indicate your interest via the Code of Conduct Committee application form.

Please see our Code of Conduct to review what our community standards are and for more information on how to submit a report to the committee.


Volunteer Interest Form

The Volunteer Interest Form is live! If you are currently holding a ticket for Lakes of Fire 2022, this form is how you show your interest in volunteering your skills. Satisfy your urge to civic responsibility and give us your information! The Volunteer Dream Team will get you routed to the right department.


Key Dates and Forms Update


Effigy Podcast

Attention earthers… I mean earthlings. We need your help. The transmissions will explain everything. The pod crash is imminent. Not sure how much will survive. Burn it all to ash. We can’t let it phase back and interact with your ecosystem. Let’s save your world… together! 💚👽🌳🚀🎋☄️💜

The saga of the 2022 Lakes of Fire Effigy, The Life Star. Listen on anchor.fm or Spotify podcast has new episodes every Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST ‘til June 15.

Much love from your effigy leads,
💚Zack & Leta💜


COVID Policy Is Online

Read more about the COVID Safety Policy for Lakes of Fire ‘22 on our website. The short version is that you will need to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test from a licensed facility at the gate if you want to get inside. Read the page for the latest updates and details.


Come to Newbie Orientation

Lakes of Fire 2022 is just around the corner! It’s time to chat with the newbies (and remind vets) about what to expect. What is new in 2022, how to get involved and volunteer, and a whole lot more! Join us at 4103 Cadillac Blvd, Detroit, MI 48214-1406 from 11 AM – 2 PM EST. Join the discussion and get more details on the Facebook event.


A Message From Your ADA Liaison

“We are excited to launch our new Mobility Program this year! We plan on having dedicated mobility shuttles, as well as providing a team of handy helpers for personal setup and tear down of camp for those who request mobility assistance. Your reasons for requesting Mobility Assistance are not our business, no doctor’s note or explanation is necessary. The purpose of this program is to make Lakes of Fire more inclusive and remove mobility obstacles for our community. If you’d like mobility assistance, or would like to volunteer as a Handy Helper or Mobility Shuttle Driver, please let us know at lofmobility@gmail.com. If you selected Yes to the mobility assistance program when purchasing your ticket, we will be in touch.

“I was gifted a power scooter last summer and it will allow me the freedom to visit individual camps in a way that I haven’t been able to for several years.

“As a gift to the event, I will be evaluating accessibility of theme camps and providing constructive feedback where needed. I’m sure I will be experiencing obstacles that I’ve never considered as this will be my first time navigating Lakes from a wheelchair, so it will be a learning process for everyone. My goal is for Lakes of Fire to lead the way in accessibility and inclusiveness for all attendees, and increase awareness among camps on how to contribute.

“I’m excited to get up close and personal with so many theme camps this year, so prepare to see me rolling through at some point!”

Kelly Bells
Mobility Liaison


New Accessible Role with Greeters

Hello from your Greeters! We have a new volunteer role for Lakes of Fire ‘22: The Greeter Administrator.

This admin will work hand-in-hand with every Shift Lead, making that particular shift run smoothly. They would be responsible for overseeing volunteer sign-in and sign-out at the start and end of each shift, as well as handing them their swag as a thank-you.

This position was created with our participants that are mobility challenged in mind, so we want to show Radical Inclusion to those that meet this requirement. If this is you, please click here and be the first to sign up for this new position. You can also email the Greeter Leads directly at greeters@lakesoffire.org to show interest in this position.

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