Lakes Letter – April 20, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Meet Our 2022 Art Grant Recipients | Key Dates and Forms Update | Gate Hours, Minors, and Covid Safety Info | Timestamps – An Effigy Take-Home Art Project | Car and RV Camping Reminder


Meet Our 2022 Art Grant Recipients

We are thrilled to announce our Art Grant recipients and projects for 2022. These projects represent more than $36,000 in funds to our artists, including projects led by young burners. See the Art Grants page on our website to see the full list!


Key Dates and Forms Update

You know we love paperwork at GLEA. So much so that we have a whole Key Dates and Forms page to track it all! Here are some upcoming dates that might affect you, dear reader:


Gate Hours, Minors, and Covid Safety Info

Suppose you have your ticket and are planning – scheming, let’s say – your exact arrival time at Lucky Lake. First – lucky you. And lucky me, because I get to see you there. Second, there are some things I can tell you right now that you should factor into your plans:

  1. Gate’s Hours. Gate will be prepared to receive on Wednesday, June 15th through Friday, June 17th from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time. On Burn Night, being Saturday, June 18th, the hours are 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Nobody gets in on Sunday. Don’t be early and don’t be late.
  2. But wait! What if you need to arrive before Wednesday? Well then, what you need is WAP. That’s right, you need a Work Access Pass. Arriving before Wednesday is strictly for those in possession of WAP. If you don’t have one and you show up on Tuesday, you will not get in. There is no way to apply for one; if you run a Theme Camp or need to arrive early for a volunteer shift, a Lakes of Fire lead should already be talking to you. If they haven’t, go talk to them and ask for WAP in whatever manner you find appropriate.
  3. Minors must be registered with GLEA online. Only if you are bringing a young’un to Lakes of Fire, that is. Lucky for you, the Parents/Adults and Minors form (AKA the Minor Registration Form) is now open. A lot of this information used to be collected right at Gate, but to help save time at entry, we’re now collecting it in advance. If you are bringing kids, don’t wait – tell us before the form closes on June 1st.
  4. COVID Safety. Mask up; if you don’t wear a mask when you’re talking to Gate, then Gate won’t talk to you. Second, in accord with our COVID policy, everyone in your vehicle will need proof of vaccination and/or a recent negative test result (within 72 hours of arrival) provided by a licensed facility. No safety, no entry.

Is all this entry information readily available outside this missive? Why, yes! Check our website here for a feast of instructional content on sailing smoothly through the entry process. Oh, nutritious instructional content!


Timestamps – An Effigy Take-Home Art Project

The Effigy Team is pulling out all the stops this year to get our whole community in on the action, whether you have a ticket home or not. Contribute to the burn with this burnable art project called “Timestamps!”

Fun Video Explanation available here.

For the Life Star effigy, any community members who want to contribute a piece of art to hang from the branches of this cosmic tree are welcome to do so!

  • All pieces must be less than 4 inches in width/length/diameter
  • All pieces must have a hole through the top (we will be hanging these with natural hemp twine)
  • All pieces MUST comply with the prohibited materials list available here
  • Anyone can contribute a timestamp, regardless of ticketing status. If you are not attending LOF this year, feel free to send your piece with a fellow burner to the event. If no one you know is attending LOF this year, and you would like to contribute a piece to the Effigy, please contact us at effigy@lakesoffire.org and we will make arrangements.


Car and RV Parking Reminder

As a reminder – Lakes of Fire is primarily a tent-camping affair. If you are planning on bringing a vehicle out of the parking lot and out around Lucky Lake, you betta have a reason! Usually we don’t allow it. In past years, cars ended up parked in the street, blocking golf carts and pedestrians. Once the party starts it’s basically impossible to find the owner and get them to move it. You dig?

Still, there are good reasons a person can’t tent camp and needs to bring their vehicle. If that person is you, then you have until May 15th to fill in the Medical Necessity, RV, & Infrastructure Vehicle Registration Application Form. Nobody wants to hear “I towed you, sooooo…”

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