Lakes Letter – May 23rd, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Announcing: the Lakes of Fire Temple Burn in 2022 | Check Your Ticket on Burnertickets.com | Gate Hours Update | Key Dates and Forms For You | Volunteer Drive Update | Apply for the GLEA Board | Greeters Food Drive 2022


Announcing: the Lakes of Fire Temple Burn in 2022

The time has finally come to release this exciting announcement to the world! In 2022, Great Lakes Experimental Arts will be proud to present to you: the Temple of Resurrection by Bartek Karas and Lobo (Jason Araujo).

This piece will be burned Sunday Morning, 8 AM, on the peninsula.

Volunteer Opportunities for ticket-holders are available here!

The Temple of Resurrection is made solely of wood. There are no screws or other metal pieces in this temple. This was done intentionally to make the cleanup as easy as possible. If you plan on placing an item into the temple it can not be made of any material listed on this list, including metal and glass. All items that are created with material that can not be burned (see this list of prohibited materials) will be removed Sunday am, prior to burning and disposed of. If you have questions please email liz@lakesoffire.org.


Check Your Ticket on Burnertickets.com

Your friendly neighborhood Ticketing Team here. If you are currently planning on going to Lakes of Fire, and think you have a ticket, make sure you have a ticket!! So all y’all, we need you to do this. Right now.

  1. Log in to Burnertickets.com.
  2. Click the My Events/Transfers tab.
  3. If you do not see a ticket labeled “Lakes of Fire 2022” (followed by your ticket type – volunteer, general, OMG, etc.) and a ticket number that starts with 22LOF, you DO NOT HAVE A TICKET TO LAKES OF FIRE.

No matter how many times we yell at folk, someone’s still gon’ fuck it up. There is a small contingent of people who still think that they have a ticket because they had one for the previous event. They didn’t read dozens of our emails, social posts, the Lakes Letter, this new tattoo I got on my ass, etc. and SO DID NOT BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS YEAR. That’s what we’re tryna stop. Better to ask our ticketing team now than to be turned around at Gate – cuz we guarantee it will happen to someone.


Gate Hours Update

In our April Lakes Letter, we announced that the Gate would close at 9 PM EST on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Lakes of Fire leads have decided to close at 11 PM EST instead, offering travelers from around the globe (but most probably Chicago) more time to arrive home. Huzzah!

Don’t forget to bring your Covid proof of vaccination or recent negative test! We would hate for you to arrive before 11 PM only to be turned away.


Key Dates and Forms For You

As we get closer to the burn, these are time-sensitive forms and volunteer opportunities for your consideration.


Volunteer Drive Update

Each year, there is a period of time running up to the Burn when our volunteer numbers are on the low end. We are currently in that period, having filled only 65% of our shifts. If you are attending this year and have not picked up a shift, please read all about our volunteer opportunities and pick a shift that fits your style today. It takes a village to make a Burn.


Apply for the GLEA Board

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors at GLEA? Great! We’re looking to onboard 3 new people in 2023.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. is seeking highly-dedicated volunteers to join the Board of Directors. Board members are the legal face of Lakes of Fire and are directly responsible for the long term production and sustainability of our event. There are no prerequisites for joining other than a deep commitment to seeing Lakes of Fire continue to thrive.

If you feel you have the experience and desire to serve the organization, event, and attendees through this vital role, come hang out at site 44 during this year’s event to learn more about what this position entails. We will host an “open house hour” at 2 PM on Friday, June 17th for all of your questions.

Look out for an email from us after this year’s event for information on key dates and the application form. Until then, please reach out to us at board@lakesofire.org with any questions.

Can’t wait to “fire emoji” with you in a few weeks!


Greeters Food Drive 2022

Show us your cans !!!

In a few short weeks, you will be frantically working on packing all of the things for Lakes of Fire? Take a moment to grab an extra can or two or ten, for our food donation project. Practice some Civic Responsibility and give back to the community we call home each year. We all know times are tough, but think of those that are really in need.

All food is being donated to the Trinity Community Pantry in New Era Michigan. This food bank provides more than 4,500 lbs of food to more than 180 families every week. This area of Michigan has one of the highest hunger rates and you can help!

In 2019 despite the weather for the week, we collected over 300 pounds of food for the Trinity Community Food Pantry in New Era, Michigan. This is the most we have ever collected, WAY TO GO Lakes of Fire Family!!!

The Greeter station will be accepting the food donations through the whole event up to 7 p.m. on Sunday exodus. We want to see your cans!


  • Unopened
  • Non-perishable
  • Cans are preferred
  • No glass please
  • Also welcome are unopened unused toiletries
  • Shampoos, soap. toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc. are also sorely needed

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