BREAKING: Propane at Lakes of Fire 2022

6/15/22, 11:25 AM UPDATE

The original information release was incorrect – 40 LB tanks will be refillable on site. You can bring your 40 LB tanks and have the option to top-off without leaving.

GLEA Board and Info_Bot Here with a Propane Update

Our propane vendor has changed their policy and we are sharing this information to the community as early as possible. If you aren’t bringing any propane, you can skip this. If you are only bringing propane for a little cooking and don’t need to refill your tank on-site, you can skip this.

Our on-site propane vendor is only refilling tanks LARGER THAN 40 LBS 40 LBS OR LARGER this year. For reference, this is a picture of a 40 LB tank. It’s about 30″ tall and has a capacity of about 9 and a half gallons. Propane tanks smaller than 40 LBs are not eligible for refills on the property.

Why? Michigan law treats propane tanks larger than this size differently (effectively as commercial tanks), and our vendor is only refilling tanks bigger than the one shown.

Who does this affect? Anybody who needs to refill on propane during the Burn, most obviously participants with flame effects.

What do we do now?

  • If you have a flame effect, bring cylinders and BRING THEM FULL. Fill up your propane before you begin your drive if at all possible. You should go on the assumption that refilling your tank will not be as easy as past Burns at Lucky Lake. If you can bring extra tanks, it may be worth your while.
  • If you NEED to be able to refuel on-site, get cylinders 40 lbs or bigger. If you have some to bring, excellent – you will be able to refuel them on site. If you don’t have larger cylinders, consider buying them on your drive up. Names of vendors outside Chicago, Toledo, and around Michigan on the drive up are given below. Please don’t wait to look for them around Rothbury – the Board of Directors at GLEA have already scoured the area.
  • Refill on-site at select theme camps. To refill on-site, you must bring your 40+ LB propane tank to Capn Nemo’s, Valhalla, or the Den. These camps have accounts with the vendor. You will need to settle up the cost with the theme camp runners. We highly suggest you bring cash and a variety of bills so that you can give exact change.

Large Propane Tank Suppliers

  • Menard’s chain of stores (Chicago, IL and Toledo, Jackson, Lansing, and Bellville, MI)
  • Tractor Supply Co (Toledo, Jackson, and Lansing MI)