Lakes Letter – September 26th, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Dates For 2023? Settle Down | Send Us Your Theme Ideas

Great Lakes Mini-Municipal Golf Course: Burner Time, Photo Credit: Crispy

Dates for 2023? Settle Down

We’ve been receiving many inquiries about the dates for Lakes of Fire 2023. When will tickets go on sale? Which weekend will it be?

To this we say: easy, tiger. Great enthusiasm, and also, we are so early in the production cycle for our Burn. It’s understandable – we all want to go back, especially when we skipped two years (thanks, Covid). But we don’t usually know the dates for the event or the ticket sales until January at the earliest.

As long as you are subscribed to our newsletter you will be in the loop with plenty of advance notice. We gotchoo.


Send Us Your Theme Ideas

It may not be time to get your tickets, but it is time to brainstorm. We need a theme for 2023, and it may as well be yours!

Choosing the Lakes of Fire 2023 theme will be a three-round process:

  1. September 26th – October 15th: Submit Your Ideas. Starting today, the Theme Idea Submission Form is open to accept your theme ideas. Submit as many as you like. We just ask you to describe how you think the community will play around with it. Pitch it!
  2. October 16th – November 6th: Vote. On the morning of October 16th, this form will close and we will begin Round 2. A new form will open with all your insane ideas laid out and you get to vote on them. Pick your top 3 from the list. That form will stay open for 3 more weeks. (You only get to vote once, thanks to the magic of Google.) We’ll shout that new form link from the rooftops, don’t you worry – you’ll know when it’s open.
  3. The Decidening. Once we have all your ideas collated neatly, we take roughly the top 10 theme ideas and bring those to the Great Lakes Experimental Arts Fall Retreat. There, the Lakes of Fire department leads and Board of Directors will participate in a GRAND AND SECRETIVE RITUAL to decide, among your top picks, the theme for Lakes of Fire 2023. Yes, obviously, fire is involved.

Send us your best brainstorms. Let the games begin!

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You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve waited to change out that effigy picture. That roasting Summerween watermelon haunts my dreams. And that fire tornado is SIIICK