Lakes Letter – Feb 26th, 2023

Our Official 2023 Dates || Ticket Prices and Sale Dates || Meet Volunteeripate || Directed Theme Camp Ticket Program 2023 || Need Based Ticket Program 2023 || ESD Call for Fire Safety Volunteers

Our Official 2023 Dates

We are happy to report that the dates we announced before are indeed our official dates. Lakes of Fire will take place July 12-16th, 2023 at Lucky Lake in Rothbury, MI.

Ticket Prices and Sale Dates

Happy Trees by NehaWe are pleased to share our Ticketing timeline and official prices with you. These same dates are on our Key Dates and Forms page, where you’ll find the form links as they open.

  • March 1st: Ticket Programs Open
    • Theme Camp Directed Ticket Application opens (closes March 25th)
    • Theme Camp Ticket Jury Application opens (closes March 25th)
    • Need Based Ticket Application opens (closes March 25th)
  • April 1st: Sales Begin
    • Ticket offers to 2022 volunteer appreciation ticket holders
    • Ticket offers to Theme Camps
  • April 15th: Lottery Begins
    • Ticket lottery for remaining unsold tickets

How much is a full-priced ticket in 2023? $180. Which is more than they cost in 2022.

Why? The reasons are all practical and lame. Inflation is the driving factor, either directly on our supplies or indirectly through our vendors. To a lesser extent we added supplies and rentals to increase our event’s safety, but many departments trimmed back to try and offset these expenses. Our Finance Team determined, after reviewing the total event budget, that we could not afford the event in 2023 at 2022’s ticket price. And because we do not fund-raise or take any other income, ticket prices are the only tool we really have to fix that.

Meet Volunteeripate

Starting this year, GLEA will use Volunteeripate as our ticket platform. Volunteeripate is a long-time, in-house project of a handful of Lakes of Fire leads. It’s a website built to address the privacy, ticketing, permitting, and volunteer shift management needs of the Lakes of Fire leads.

What does Volunteeripate do for you? Our goal is to simplify our bureaucracy as much as possible for all community members. Volunteeripate tracks your volunteer hours and handles the ticket lottery. You’ll use Volunteeripate to pay for your ticket and receive your ticket. And, as the name implies, ticket-holders will be able to browse for shifts and sign up with your favorite departments.

You can get started right away with Volunteeripate. Read up on our Ticketing page for all the details you need. It takes five minutes to register, get into this year’s ticket lottery, and/or verify your volunteer hours from 2022. Ticket sales begin April 1st, so do yourself a favor and register now.

Directed Theme Camp Ticket Program 2023

The Directed Theme Camp Ticket Program is back in 2023. The forms to apply for tickets and to join the jury will both open on March 1st. Click the link to learn how you can request critical support tickets for your TC’s critical support people!

Need Based Ticket Program 2023

The Need Based Ticket Program (formerly the Discount Ticket Program and Low Income Ticket program) is also back in 2023. Are you a first-timer to Lakes? You’re eligible. Have you been a bunch of times and just need help this year? You’re eligible. Do you expect a volunteer ticket offer and have a need? You’re eligible too.

The discount is here for you, but you have to apply before March 25th. This is because we have to know how many tickets to set aside for this program before ticket sales start on April 1st.

Please apply if a discount is the difference between you coming and staying home. Learn more about the program and keep an eye on the Key Dates and Forms page for the application link.

ESD Call for Fire Safety Volunteers

The Emergency Services Dept is looking for volunteers who want to specialize in fire safety. Have you ever wanted to volunteer for ESD but didn’t know if you could? We want to hear from you! Read all about it on our Become a Leader volunteer recruitment page.


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Just like that, February is nearly over – and I didn’t even get a chance buy discount candy. But even chocolate chunks can’t compare with all the announcement nuggets we’re bringing this month. Go on and sign up, put in that time off notice, and get your gardening gear out because you’ll be coming home before you know it.