Lakes Letter – March 23rd, 2023

Attention Theme Camps || Need-Based Tickets Closing Soon || Check Your Volunteer Hours || Volunteering: Get Into Gate! || Volunteering: Fire Safety Team


Attention Theme Camps

The Theme Camp Placement Registration form will open on April 1st, 2023 and remain open until April 30th, 2023. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss it.

If you blink though, you might miss the window to apply for the Directed Theme Camp Ticket program. The form closes March 25th, so if you intend to register your theme camp, don’t wait until then to apply to this special program. Get your name in the hat!


Need-Based Tickets Closing Soon

person-with-wristbandThe Need-Based Ticket Application will close March 25th. Please apply if you’re even considering picking up a ticket in April. If you wait ’til then it’ll be too late. If you’re curious about the program, read more on our website.


Check Your Volunteer Hours

Last month we announced Volunteeripate, our new volunteer hour and ticketing platform. If you want to tiptoe thru the tulips with us come July, register! Our Ticketing page has a detailed step-by-step guide to get you all set up. Especially if you volunteered in 2022, please get yourself signed up before April 1st. You can verify your 2022 hours and we’ll be so much nicer if you need help fixing them before the ticketing stampede begins. Help us and we’ll help you for helping out. Hanks!


Volunteering: Get Into Gate!

As Friar Tuck passes the torch of leadership, we LOFers are happy to welcome Meow back to the role of Gate Department Co-Lead. Meow is looking forward to collaborating with Violet to shape the Gate department and they’re looking for some new recruits. If you’ve thought about getting involved at Gate, now is an excellent time to learn, brainstorm, and help the department grow. Contact Gate directly or read all about the Shift Lead and Day Manager roles on our website.


Volunteering: Fire Safety Team

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for ESD but didn’t know if you could?
We have two volunteer classifications for our Fire Team alone, Fire I and Fire II. We have spots available for both. Read all about it, and if playing nice with fire sounds like your game, apply today.

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You can’t stand over the flowers and will them to grow. I’ve tried it. I’ve played them music, I’ve talked to them, I’ve discouraged the chipmunk next door from digging them out of the ground. Just because I’m in a hurry doesn’t mean they are. So I suppose I’ll bide my time and let them surprise me with their little faces on their time table. When they are ready.