Lakes Letter – April 14th, 2023

Ticketing Updates || Check Your Volunteer Shifts and 2022 Hours || Ranger Training Dates are Live! || 2022 AfterBurn and Financial Statements Are Available || Art Grants || Effigy 2023: The Gnomecoming


Ticketing Updates

Volunteer ticket offers are now good until April 17th, 1:00 AM Eastern Time (EDT). Some of us are paid bi-weekly, and that makes a 14-day purchase window extra tight – so the offers are good for a couple more days.

On April 15th, we will begin releasing ticket offers through the continuous random draw. If you don’t get a ticket offer on April 15th, don’t worry – that’s just when the randomized offers begin to go out. Any time someone passes on their ticket offer (letting it sit for 16 days without buying it), we draw a fresh name out of our digital randomizer and give the offer to them. We’ll repeat this process until all the tickets are sold.

Ticket transfers will be available this year, too. You will be able to get (or send) a transfer ticket starting May 6th.

Once you purchase a ticket you will be able to sign up for a volunteer shift. However, not all volunteer shifts are in the system yet. If your favorite department isn’t showing many open slots, take a peek every day or two.

Need more information? Check out our Ticketing page for the whole spiel.


Check Your Volunteer Shifts and 2022 Hours

Did you apply for a shift that requires approval? Certain roles, like Emerald Ranger, require approval before you take a shift. You still need to apply for a shift after you have been approved for it. Please log into Volunteeripate and double-check that you have the shifts you think you do.

  1. Go to “Menu > Your Dashboard” to see your shifts.
  2. If you don’t see the shift you were approved to take on, you just need to find it under “Menu > Shift Signup” and apply.

Did you volunteer in 2022? Lots of people are contacting us for help with their 2022 hours. We don’t want you to get stuck when you go to buy your ticket. Please log into Volunteeripate and take a look, and email us if you have any problems.


Ranger Training Dates are Live!

Who are Rangers? They are first-responders, on-shift as the eyes and ears of the event overall. GLEA depends on Rangers to arbitrate conversations using the FLAME technique. As one Ranger lead has said: “Rangers are ordinary community members who took a shift to be sober, carry a radio, and help out.”

Is there more to it than that? Absolutely. The full toolbox of Ranger skills help everyone have a better Burn. Interested? Good! Read the Rangers page and pick an in-person training event. In-person training takes about two hours. Afterward you can sign up for your first Ranger shift on volunteer.lakesoffire.org.

Experienced Rangers can sign up for in-person or virtual training, including Khaki and Emerald. See the Rangers page for more information.


2022 AfterBurn and Financial Statements Are Available

Just like it says on the tin. Travel back in time to our collective visit to the stars, or at least, the accounting version of that. Read it all here.


Art Grants

The 2023 Art Grants program is so close to announcing this year’s projects. The response has been tremendous this year! Phone calls have started going out to artists and contracts are getting signed. The official announcement will be coming as early as next week.


Effigy 2023: The Gnomecoming

One perfectly warm summer afternoon a group of 6 gnomes were tasked to go mushroom picking in the forest that surrounded their small village. They were having so much fun that they lost track of time and the task they were given. They were very deep within the forest by this time. The lead gnome gasps and shouts to his friends “ Stop and look! We are lost!”

Read the story of the 2023 Effigy on our website.

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What kind of garden grows with roots in fire? Do its seeds come from this world or another? Be careful, little gnomes… Gardens can be wild as they are wondrous.