FIRE SALE on 6/24

Fire Sale on 6/24

The Ticketing Team has been crunching numbers, sweeping up shavings of tickets that weren’t used, and have made a small pile of tickets that must be burned!

A fire sale of a small number of remaining tickets will start on Saturday June 24th at noon Eastern time (11:00am Central time). To participate in the fire sale, you must have an account at volunteer.lakesoffire.org and you must have completed the waiver! Current ticket holders are not eligible to purchase an additional ticket in the fire sale.

To purchase a fire sale ticket, log into your account on Volunteeripate before noon (Eastern). Click on the “buy a ticket” link on the left hand side. If you haven’t completed the waiver, you must do so before you can be eligible for a fire sale ticket.

Then, start refreshing the buy a ticket page! If tickets are available, one will be locked to your account and you will have 20 minutes to complete the purchase. Unpurchased tickets will be offered to another participant after 20 minutes, so do not delay.

Tickets are $180. You may only buy one, and only if you do not have a ticket already. You may buy minor tickets if you are successful.

Good luck! More details will be coming shortly!

–Lakes of Fire Ticketing Team