Last Minute Updates – July 10th, 2023


Verify Your Name and Birthday in Volunteeripate

Please – before you read literally anything else in this newsletterverify your legal name and birthday in Volunteeripate. (While you’re in there, take a screenshot of your ticket – maybe even print it out. Your phone may not get any bars in the Gate line.) Those facts MUST match your unexpired, government-issued photo ID for you to get through the Gate. Email info@lakesoffire.org if you need a hand making changes.


Ice and Firewood Prices

Ice and Firewood are for sale at the RV/office at Center Camp. Bags of ice are $10 for 22 lb bags; firewood is still $5/bundle.


It Might Be Cool At Lucky Lake

Yo, be ready for Lucky Lake to be on the cooler side. I guess that’s all relative, and like – it’s always cool, amirite – but for real be ready for it to be kinda chilly at night. And also bring some rain gear.

But you already HAVE packed your rain gear, haven’t you? Because you’re going to a BURN and you know how to pack for your own needs, right? … Right!?

WhatWhereWhen is Live!

We have the print AND digital WhatWhereWhen ready for your reading pleasure. Whenever you need a little pick-me-up for all that’s in store, you can read this… and know that it’s only scratching the surface.

Print copies will be available at Lucky Lake. However, due to rising costs and a surplus from last year, we’re reducing the number of printed copies. Please consider printing a version at home, or using the digital app – or simply running wild in the garden with no sense of time, place, or written language.


$20 RV Sewage Disposal Fee

RV campers, we want you to know – dumping your dumps will cost you $20 this year. Bring the cash or be prepared to hold it the whole drive home. Only RVs dumping allowed here – you can’t toss your kitchen gray water, green water, or any other water. This is RV waste disposal only.

Also, if you are bringing an RV, make sure you arrive before dusk. Because it is not safe for our Placement team to place large vehicles in the dark, we are requiring large vehicles to get in while we have the daylight to place you safely. Read about the policy here on the Gate rules page.

Be Prepared: ESD Mini-Manual

Volunteer!  Only YOU can prevent shitty burns.If you’re concerned about your safety – and you should be, you’re going to a Burn – I recommend you read these emergency readiness tips from a Literal Pro. A little bird told me about it. The little bird is black with red eyes and belches flames when he opens his beak, but – well, he still told me about it.

Skip this information at your own risk! You are your own best protection against injury at the Burn. Literally bring your own bandaids, and meds, and… yeah, you get it.


But What do I Pack!?

I’m so glad you asked. Because if you need this packing list on July the 10th, then you REALLY need this list. (Also, did you read the Survival Guide yet? No reason…)

Are you REALLY SURE you’re prepared to go to an event where you kinda-sorta have to be your own grown-up? ‘Cuz ain’t nobody want to pick up after you… OK, OK – don’t let my saltiness get you down. Go skim the WhatWhereWhen for some sweetness. A little salty, a little sweet – just don’t forget these basics. You’re gonna do great.

What to Pack

Do not packlist: - NO Fireworks - NO Fire Lanterns - NO Weapons - NO Illegal Substances - NO Handheld Lasers - NO Trampolines - NO Aerial Drones

The "Get Through Gate" list.  DO Pack: - Your Ticket - Your UNEXPIRED government photo ID - Ice & Firewood Money (expect $5-10/bag) - Your Winning Smile.  DO NOT Pack: - Any "No No" Items - Glass - Feathers - Glitter - Ice & Firewood (They will be for sale)

The "Cook and Clean" list.  DO Pack: - Cup, bowl, utensils - Trash bucket and bags - Waste water bucket - Water jugs and bottles - Biodegradable soap - Pantyhose!.  DO NOT Pack: - Disposable plates - Disposable cups - Glass bottles - Styrofoam - Strong detergents

PLAN TO PACK OUT GRAY WATER.  You need to pack out your trash AND your waste water. Stretch some pantyhose over a  waste water bucket to make a filter. That way, later, you can just pour it down a drain far from Lucky Lake. We suggest 5 gallon buckets w/lids.

The "Self Care" list.  - First Aid Kit - Earplugs - A bottle with a clip - Sunscreen - Sun glasses - A good, big hat - Body wipes - Bug repellant - Hair ties and clips - Prescriptions - Vitamins - Nausea/pain meds - Sleep aid - Favorite tea - Blanket and pillow - Great snacks.