Lakes Letter – September 30th, 2023

Announcing the 2024 Theme || But What About Theme Selection? || Build the 2024 Effigy || Become a Lead in Training

Announcing the 2024 Theme

You read that right.

In 2022, the GLEA organizers met at our annual Fall Retreat to vote for not one theme, but two. The first was for Lakes of Fire 2023: Garden of Wonder. The second was for the theme in 2024.

Why, you ask? Time. (No, “Time” is not the 2024 theme.) The chosen theme influences the direction of our art grants and the shape of our effigy. We want everyone to have more time to plan, build, and follow through on their part of the chaos.

Time, also, makes fools of us all. We hope dearly that anyone who went to the Gerlach Regional gets a good laugh at our pick for 2024. We’re no strangers to inviting extreme weather and next year’s packing list may very well include your finest snorkel.

So, don’t be shy. Part the curtain of seaweed and come a little closer to the surface. You might be swimming with the sharks – you might be one of them! – but no matter what happens, you will see and be seen first. We invite you to take a little trip with us to Lakes of Fire 2024: Imaginarium Aquarium.

Lakes of Fire 2024: Imaginarium Aquarium

But What About Theme Selection?

Understandably, you may feel surprised or even a little robbed with this theme announcement. This time of year is usually when we solicit theme ideas. Don’t worry, this is still that time – it’s just time to brainstorm for 2025. The Theme Idea Submission Form is open for you. It will stay open until October 16th.


We Want YOU To Build the 2024 Effigy

The 2023 Effigy TeamHave an idea to bring an undersea effigy to life? It doesn’t have to be a big idea – it can fit on a napkin, even. And also, that’s all you need to get started – screw the tough details, what we all need this early in planning the burn is inspiration.

Send us your Effigy idea as a napkin sketch – that’s literally all that we’re looking for at this stage. The application will open October 1st and will close on October 21st. Don’t worry, there IS more to it than that – but you don’t need to sweat that until later.

Read about the Effigy applicaton process and contact us to send in your idea.


Become a Lead in Training – Help Make the Burn!

Want to volunteer at a higher level? Do you have passion, time, and ideas to make Lakes of Fire even better?

Each year, Great Lakes Experimental Arts handles the nuts and bolts of producing our Burn. Many GLEA departments are looking for power volunteers and Leads-in-Training (LITs) for the next production cycle. LITs ride along for a year, figuratively and literally, to see how it all happens. They learn from their Leads how to run a department, network with other GLEA members, and grow the initiatives that matter to them.

If you have a general interest in joining GLEA, please write to us at info@lakesoffire.com – we’d be happy to connect you to a team. If you’d like to get in touch with departments who are actively recruiting, their direct emails are below. Reach out – we want to meet you.


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I’m sure there are submersible robots, but I tend to sink more than swim. Maybe I’ll dress up as an artificial coral reef…