Lakes Letter – October 22nd, 2023

Send In Your Effigy Ideas || Theme Idea Submission Form Will Stay Open

Send In Your 2024 Effigy Ideas

You still have time to send in your Effigy napkin sketches for Lakes of Fire 2024: Imaginarium Aquarium. Due October 27th!

See, I drew this one. It was fun. I took 10 minutes of me-time, put sexy legs on some fish, and called it my volunteer duty for the day. You can do the same! Effigies are made by volunteer teams with a shared inspiration, but don’t sweat the “how” right now. This is the inspiration phase; no commitment required.
Show us what you got. Application details here.


Theme Idea Submission Form Will Stay Open

The theme for 2024 is Imaginarium Aquarium. But believe it or not, we still want your theme ideas.

In 2022, GLEA decided to select themes farther in advance to allow artists and Effigy builders more time to do their thing. A longer working timeline gives us a longer timeline for theme selection as well. That’s why we are leaving the Theme Idea Submission Form open until January 15th, 2024. More announcements to come about the new process – in the meantime, you’re always welcome to send general feedback to info@lakesoffire.org.


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The Effigy’s rope ladder will get slippery if someone tries to get to the rooftop Deviled Egg Buffet from the Condiment Mosh Pit… Probably best to just hoist people up in a fish net. Back to the drawing board!