Lakes of Fire is Social

Lakes of Fire is composed of several regions

  • Chicago B.U.R.N.
  • Detroit SPARC
  • Wisconsin BurningSNOW
  • Other Regions: Ontario, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, and SW Michigan

About Lakes of Fire

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Lakes of Fire (LoF) is an annual gathering that takes place at the Lucky Lake Campground in beautiful Western Michigan, seeking to bring artistry and energy to the entire Great Lakes region, conducted in accordance with the 10 Principles.

This official Burning Man regional event is sponsored by Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc – an official 501(c)4 in good standing with the IRS and the State of Michigan that is independent of Burning Man Project. Lakes of Fire is permitted and supported by the local fire and police department.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. (G.L.E.A.) is the non-profit parent entity of the Lakes of Fire event. G.L.E.A is directly responsible for the long term sustainability of Lakes of Fire and its operational and strategic framework. While the LOF Lead group handles most day to day event planning decisions, the Board operates the financial and legal oversight of the organization. All positions are unpaid volunteers.

Come join us for a yearly collaborative celebration of art and community, steeped in friendship, fire, and wonder. This community event is both for you and by you – your creativity, your art, and your relentless enthusiasm fuel a life-altering week that many consider “coming home”.

Don’t forget that Lakes of Fire is just one Burn in a worldwide network of regional Burns, each of them uniquely inspired by The Burning Man Project.

 The Burning Man Regional Network