Art Grants History

2016 Art Grant Recipients:

By Fuse
Awarded: $2000

Belin is a flaming ram skull art cart, created and built by a group of young women apprenticing in the community.

The Great Serpent
By Valhalla
Awarded: $700

For years rumors of a monster living in the depths of Lucky Lake persisted: fuzzy snapshots, tales of a Jukebox Island devouring creature..all will be confirmed as the Vikings of Valhalla summon The Great Serpent.

Kaleidoscope Tree
By Leah D. Jurgens
Awarded: $149.92

Kaleidoscope tree is a place for friends to gather and collaborate on a uniquely beautiful work of art. Those who wish to participate, will collect a thread of psychedelic material (provided) and, while meditating on their best intentions, add that thread to the tree branch. Kaleidoscope tree will be teaming with vibrant color during the day and will come alive with sound-activated LED lights, when the sun goes down.

By Katie  Forbes and Dan Brown
Awarded $550.00

Meditation is the third in the elemental series by Katie Forbes and Dan Brown.  This earth element piece will feature a zen garden atop an hour glass shaped base. Participants can gently rake and trace designs, and arrange the rocks and meditation movers in the sand.  By day Meditation is a calming zen garden.  By night the base and the floor of the garden will glow with lights that slowly transition from one color to another inviting participants to move the sand or just watch the play of color on the rocks and the garden.

The WTF: Walk-Through Faerieshrine
By April Llewellyn
Awarded $323

The Walk-Through Faerieshrine is a glimmering oasis of sparkle and shine, welcoming mythical creatures of all kinds to enjoy a quiet reflection space and share their magic.  With luck, you may catch a glimpse of the fae themselves when the veil between worlds is thin!

Familiar Feline
By ‘One More Thing’
Awarded $800

The Familiar Feline will be a cozy geodome turned familiar lounge. Burners will lock eyes with the familiar from a distance and be beckoned by the enigmatic feline figure.  Your familiar will be a totem that can be called on for relaxation, socialization, or debauchery.  It will be an oasis, where you will find whatever you are looking for in that moment, you will feel welcome, wanted; like you’ve always belonged there.

Cabrone Estupida Chimera (parte dos)
By Amy Joiner
Awarded $1106

The Chimera Estupida Cabrone brings out the freak of nature in all of us! Let this woman-made, mutant zygote take your brain to another dimension as you tug and yank your way to happiness. (Ask first!)

Kracken at Sea Saw
By Patchy Projects
Awarded $500

Is that a tentacle between your legs or are you just happy to be here? We’re just as thrilled to have you aboard! What’s that you’re driving, you ask? Well that’s a Sea-Saw, captain! As you drive her up and down you’ll see the “water” effects respond to the tilt. This immersive piece has interactive lighting, whacky teticles, and the feel of a sinking pirate ship . Can you escape the Kraken’s grasp?

Que’ Sera’ Sera’
By Bodega
Awarded $175

A project to allow participants to send themselves messages into the future!

Bawdy Border
By Sorr’eh
Awarded $379

Upgrading the borders between Canada and the USA.

Mysterious Locked Chest
By Cult of the Jade Emu
Awarded $500

Mysterious Locked Chest’ is an interactive art installation inviting the LOF community to let their curiosity get the better of them.  You see, the chest is locked… and you need a big key… but wait… there’s a set of smaller keys next to it… I wonder what those are for?  Only one way to find out….

Meditation Lotus
By Camp Natural Wonder
Awarded $600

A space for mermaids, fairies and all other mythical creatures to meditate in the beauty of Lucky Lake.

Equus Pegasus Machinamentum
By Found Object Sound Object
Awarded $1400

The “Equus Pegasus Machinamentum” a found object kinetic sculpture, the winged junkyard stallion brought springing to life through the vision of its creator and the power of your mechanical human energy.

Poseiden’s Steps
By If You Build It, They Will Cum
Awarded $1500

By day, Poseidon’s Steps transfers lake-farers between beach and boat, enticing them to lay their bodies across its contours, like merfolk upon rocks. At night, as one ascends, the steps come alive with pulsating light, reaching a shimmering portal that beckons one to the pleasurescape beyond.

Gallery in the Pines
By Knotty Peacock
Awarded $1900

Gallery in the Pines will transform the Art Hub pines near the entrance to Lucky Lake into an enchanted forest of light and multimedia art. Gallery in the Pines will feature art made by Lakes of Fire 2016 participants, with a focus on art that is not usually seen at burns: framed paintings, photographs, sculpture, writing – whatever your imagination creates! The Gallery will feature several interactive “rooms” in the pine forest, each delineated by light, sound and artwork. Stay tuned for info on how YOU can participate!

The Fort 2016
By Good Vibe Tribe
Awarded $2500

The Fort is a massive double decker, three towered adult sized play structure that will challenge your physical limits, as well as serve as a place to chill, play, or dance. The cross beams between towers offer swings, an aerial yoga hammock, and a professional trapeze bar. Some of the updates to be made this year are: upgrading the slide, adding a couple interactive walls, and setting The Fort ablaze with vibrant color changing lighting.

LED Dome
By KBI^3
Awarded: $400
KBI Art Collective (The Kansas Bureau of Illumination) is designing and building as interactive light project painting the conduit form of a 22′ dome with fully programmable and interactive lights. The dome will be a fully immersive light experience, welcoming visitors into its envelope of 5,000 LEDs.

The Great Serpent
By Valhalla
Awarded (additional): $200
For years rumors of a monster living in the depths of Lucky Lake persisted: fuzzy snapshots, tales of a Jukebox Island devouring creature..all will be confirmed as the Vikings of Valhalla summon The Great Serpent.

Element H2-Water
By Whirled Element
This is a kinetic waterwheel sculpture using re-purposed/recycled kitchen (and other) items.

Unicorn Horn Creation Station 2.0!
By Junicorn Sparkles
Join the whimsy, delight and ethereal magic of the unicorn realm by creating your very own unicorn horn headdress! Discover what kind of unicorn you are as we build our army of love one horn at a time!

The Nest
By Becca Myers and The Terrarium
Awarded: $180.00
The nest is a safe and cozy space for all the mythical creatures to return to during their stay at Lakes of Fire. The nest will be a large, human-sized nest built to comfortable seat many burners. The nest will have an 8 foot diameter, and we have large pillows for anyone to use. We look forward to sharing in your nesting experience

Man Maggot
By Sean Hages
Awarded: $419.00
Ancient legends describe a hideous creature known only as Man Maggot. No one knows from what dark place this freakish monster was spawned. Cursed to roam the world in search for food, the beast is said to consume the flesh of the dead and dying alike. If you see Man Maggot beware of his appetite, and his curse.

Right of Passage
By ????
Awarded: $275
Feeling the pressure of everyday life? Everything going on around you sit on the throne where you get a moment of silence where you can feel that pressure being released from your body. When you emerge from the Right of Passage, you will relieved – then greeted by your fans with a roaring round of applause. Will you be lucky enough to encounter the Right of Passage?”

Skíðblaðnir, (Anglicized as Skithblathnir)
By Saint Jazz
A floating picnic table in the style of the famed mythical Norse ship for which it is named, created by Loki to carry the many Gods across the ‘Lake of Fire’ while they enjoy a relaxing beverage and quiet conversation away from the wearying battles at camp.

Garden of Earthly Delights
By Kateri McMullen
The Garden of Earthly Delights is a celebration of life and possibility. Do not be intimidated by the unique creatures that dwell in the garden. They are pleased by your presence, and invite you in to walk the garden path. The creatures encourage you to make yourselves comfortable in their shelter. Sing a song, draw a picture, tell a story, play a game. Have some fruit, stay awhile.

The Vulcanal
By: League of Troubled Souls
Awarded: $2000
An abstruse altar to the god of the forge, encasing a flame effect that would make Mt. Etna proud.

Cap’n Nemo’s Flaming Carnival
By: Neil Verplank
Awarded $2500
Do you like games? Do you like fire? Then Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival is where you should be! Skeeball of Fire! High Striker of Doom! Loki the evil fire-clown! What are you waiting for – get over here! Push the button!

Infinity Room
By Reflective Fire
Awarded: $560
The Infinity Room: Floor, walls, ceiling and doors each creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections that recede into an infinite distance. Do you think you can successfully navigate the maze of eye-safe lasers?

Unicorn Subconscious
By The Freudicorns?
Awarded: $1000
Imagine, if you will, the most majestic and mythical of creatures: The Unicorn. But what, then, is found within the Unicorn’s imagination? We want to provide an opportunity to be inside the beautiful beast’s brain, to sit and speak and sleep within its subconscious.

Jurassic Mushroom Garden
By Spore Loards
Expanding on the Mushroom Garden from last year for further explorations into interaction with one’s environment.

SGC Art Torches
By SGC Fire Techs
Awarded; $250
Beautifying the SGC entrance with wonders of metal and fire!

Hell Blazer
By Kate Tanos
Awarded: $213.20
Step right up all of you large and small to test your strength and win some fire!

By Patrick Locke / Tim Dean
Awarded: $440
Color synesthesia is an experience where people associate colors with numbers, letters, even sound. It gives rise to intangible feelings like “this song is yellow, or “6 is a purple number.” This year The Moofi Habitat will explore this phenomenon by connecting our lighting and audio to the various ways inhabitants interact with our space.

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