ArtHub is Lakes of Fire’s Art department and tasked with the curation, placement, support and coordination of art for the event. ArtHub is located on-site by the Pines in Center Camp and functions as a check-in center for artists invited to the event by the ArtHub team and Art Grant recipients, as well as a hub of information about art.

ArtHub Art Honorariums

ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. Unlike Art Grants, Honorariums are NOT for funding the creation of new art work or for finishing previous projects.

If you are bringing art to share with the community at Lakes of Fire wether its applying for an Art Grant, Honoraria or simply registering an art project please visit the Key Dates and Registration Form page, for those important dates.

We are pleased to announce the following Recipients of Art Honorarium for 2016:

The Moofi Habitat

The Moofi Habitat is a respite from the intensity Lakes Of Fire has to offer. We build a large tent-like structure and fill it with soft furniture and fabric. The result is a large, cozy epicenter to gather and feel warm, safe, and free to communicate while listening to our down tempo but never sleepy beats and letting our calming LED lantern lights oscillate around our inhabitants, and use projection mapping to display images on a 3D face.

The Experiment

The installation is composed of two hexagonally shaped rooms. The art installation is an interactive game, which participants can engage with to varying degrees. On the surface, the piece is aesthetically attractive and creates an intriguing ambiance with sound and lighting. However, if participants want to, they can dig in deeper and uncover a mystery story about an artificial intelligence and a missing professor. The rooms contain multiple props and puzzles that allow participants to engage even further. Solving the puzzles helps participants solve the mystery about the professor’s location and the origins of the artificial intelligence.


8A(Eight-ah) is a floating vessel, created by Camp Natural Wonder, that sets sail for her third voyage in the mysterious waters of Lucky Lake. Persons and mythical creatures alike are invited to climb aboard, or into one of her 16 hammocks, to connect, rejoice and relax.

Syncytium Fire Garden

Syncytium itself is about collaboration and bringing people together. The Fire Garden exemplifies that. Created by several Synners, the Fire Garden delineates a stage for performers to play on, and brings people together for great conversation (while being warm). Consists of 4 6′ tall obelisks, 2 12′ tall obelisks, 4 10′ long hippie heaters Equals 2 25′ long flame effects blazing and poofing through the night.


BBQ is art. The dcbbq feeds the LoF community delicious smoked BBQ, inspires and educates LoF participants in the BBQ arts, and creates a platform for participants to create their own smokey deliciousness to share. The kitchen is where we gather to nourish our bodies and be together. The hearth is where we warm ourselves. Food has an incredible power to unite people, as it’s something we all have in common, and all enjoy. We seek to facilitate community through the shared enjoyment of the smoker arts through hundreds of pounds of gifted BBQ, interactive workshops, and a dedicated community smoker that any LoF participant can leverage after a brief introduction and safety lesson.

Truffula Tree Hammack Oasis

When walking toward the oasis the eyes behold a sea of glowing fluffy trees. Stretched between the trees are relaxing hammocks swaying in the breeze and basking in the shade of the large colorful truffs. Nestled in the trees, water misters spray a refreshing MOISTure into the area, providing an oasis away from hot days complete with an interactive sound and light show at night.


Ceramadelics are touch sensitive ceramic sculptures with color changing LEDs. Each one is a one-of-a-kind creation made of fired translucent porcelain clay with textured patterns and designs and colorful glazes. Aquatic and botanical organisms serve as the inspiration for the ceramic form. Ceramadelics light sculptures are one-of-a-kind biomorphic ceramic forms that glow and pulse with light to provide unique, interactive enjoyment for dark environments. With their textured features, colorful glazes and pulsing light they will illuminate nighttime navigation and provide beautifully attractive visual eye-candy during the day. The integration of uniquely designed porcelain forms with custom built electronics creates mesmerizing and captivating lighting you will not find anywhere else. May our creative talents inspire your imagination and open your soul to a new world of enlightenment!

Dactyl headquarters

Dactyl headquarters is a nest suspended inside a giant cube composed of structural steel. The nest can easily accommodate 6 Dactyls/humans. The nest is situated 9 feet high and a steel ladder allows for climbing up. Additionally a steel sculptured Pterybutterdactylfly will be placed near the nest. This winged creature is placed on an 8 foot structural steel base and has a 16 foot wingspan, the body of a Dactyl and the wings of a monarch butterfly..

Rockness Monster

The Rockness Monster is a Floating art spectacle. A fiberglass canoe decorated to look like a sea monster. A propane flame effect is mounted to the front and operated by the front seat passenger. The canoe is lit with blue net lights and glow wire. the dimensions are 15×4, and doesn’t not utilize sound. The Rockness monster can be seen all around the lake shores day or night for the viewing pleasure off all. The Rockness monster should be a spectacle to fit the mythic creatures theme.