ArtHub is Lakes of Fire’s Art department and tasked with the curation, placement, support and coordination of art for the event. ArtHub is located on-site by the Pines in Center Camp and functions as a check-in center for artists invited to the event by the ArtHub team and Art Grant recipients, as well as a hub of information about art.

ArtHub Art Honorariums

ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. Unlike Art Grants, Honorariums are NOT for funding the creation of new art work or for finishing previous projects.

If you are bringing art to share with the community at Lakes of Fire wether its applying for an Art Grant, Honoraria or simply registering an art project please visit the Key Dates and Registration Form page, for those important dates.

We are pleased to announce the following Recipients of Art Honorarium for 2018:

Anahata: The Temple That Love Built                

By: Scarlett Stoppa                  

Awarded: $420.00

Our vision is that this community-created project; the actual process of building, running, and disassembling the community space; and the art and interactive experiences within it will foster spirits of love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and personal peace. We aspire to heal rifts and strengthen bonds in our communities through visual art, oral and photographic storytelling, therapeutic yoga, and numerous workshop and performance experiences.

Arcane Spire                                                        

By Richard McGarry                                         

Awarded: $300.00

The artwork is an expression of metal, fire and lighting. It’s meant to make you think and stare. There’s no ‘communication’ other than wonder and warmth. The vibe the piece is meant to create is one of an extraterrestrial origin, a growth from another world. The interactive element brings one a sense of ‘reactivity’, evoking foreign lands and strange creatures.

Burning Gothic                                                      

By Tim Krueger                   

Awarded: $600.00

Flaming pitch fork on a stage so that participants can get their picture taken in a style similar to the American Gothic painting.

Captain Nemo’s Flaming Carnival                              

By Neil Verplank                   

Awarded: $1200.00

The Carnival is an interactive experience – a performance and event-based fire
circus! At night, we will have performance and fire games, and by day there are
interactive experiences like bubbles, puppets, the flaming clown beanbag toss,
High Striker, Ping Pong of Doom, Flaming Skeeball and more!


By Joshua McAninich                  

Awarded: $1000.00

Caroach art art car She was built from recycled/reused materials so show our disused materials/ trash is like cockroaches, it never goes away.


By Linka Odom                  

Awarded: $2700.00

‘Celeste’ is an immersive photographic lightbox installation evoking emotions of wonder and awe, inspiring both literal and metaphysical journeys of the heart and mind. Participation in the installation creates a warm environment that celebrates diversity.

EVolutionary ILlumination (EVIL)                           

By John Larkin Pence     

Awarded: $110.00

This feedback was originally developed as a technical exploration. It quickly became apparent that anything from simple posturing and ‘hand jive’, to free form whole body kinesthetic expressions played into the art of this machine, and excited the hearts of those participating and observing. Spinners, hoop artists, the barely able and youngsters with a branch in hand all have a blast, and the occasional serious dancer working this space sends us all out into orbit.

Fire Obelisk Garden and Fire Tornado                            

By Jesse Fox

Awarded: $360.00   

This art piece brings people together in the spirit of warmth and light. It is a gathering space late into the night for the community. The Egyptian gods featured on the obelisks were historically invoked to bless festivals and ceremonies. The environment these art pieces create invokes a sense of the mystical while bringing protection and peace for all who gather nearby.

Flaming Photobooth                                         

By James Villalpando             

Awarded: $300.00

This piece captures the best art at the event, the people! It was inspired by the look of joy seen on people’s faces when they activate a flame effect. I always thought it would be a good time to have a camera, so I put this together!

In Bloom                                                                  

By Britta Simpson          

Awarded: $400.00

In this piece, I wanted to create something that appears interesting both when inflated and not, as well as contain a component of interactivity. Interactive art draws people in and causes them to investigate which I feel incorporates the principles of “Participation” and “Immediacy”. If not for the interaction of “participants” the art simply hangs, a lifeless bud. Soon after one leaves it is back to the dormant state (immediacy=be here now).

Jurassic Mushroom Forest                                          

By Travis Faber                

Awarded: $1000.00

Our art piece is a castle like what children dream about. As adults it is fun to play on and around. We wish to communicate a sense of childlike joy and adventure to the participants, but way better because we are adults.

Just the Tip…Too                                                        

By Matt Halsel          

Awarded: $500.00

Just the Tip… Too is a floating island that is stationed on the lake for shady relaxation and enjoyment. Please come and enjoy a relaxing cool nap on the iceberg, or slide down the slide for a wet rush!

Mini Fort                                                                     

By Scott Weldy                   

Awarded: $700.00

Honey?! I shrunk the art project!! 21st Century GLEA, in association with GoodVibeTribe Limited presents “Mini Fort” A Lakes of Fire Story EPISODE IV: The Phantom Towers Because All The Things, gonna need to be in a smaller space this time around. So If you can find me, come play on me. Or make some art on me. Or just pass out in my shade. I’m here for you, one more time.

Musical Fire Lounge                                           

By Samantha Herlihy                  

Awarded: $1500.00

Our purpose of this project is to provide a lounge space that is relaxing and inspiring to all participants that encounter it. We are the Musical Fire Lounge. We offer a chill lounge atmosphere with framed paintings on the walls from the region of our theme for participants to relax and mingle with themed ambiance we select with music to soothe the soul. All of which is centered on a Ruben’s Tube which is triggered with chill music and live musicians and vocalists. Whom also have the opportunity to experience their produced soundwaves, visually, through fire.

Propane Sideshow                                                     

By John Svorec                  

Awarded: $190.00

This piece highlights the craft of the flame effect builder. What is like to communicate, is that we can safely build propane flame effects, and have them interactive where you, the participant can control the rhythm, duration, and intensity of these flames. Drum along on the controls,,,hit them at the bass drop, and even perform in front of them for a great photo op is you desire.


By Katherine Hagman                   

Awarded: $160.00

This work is a playful experiment of light and reflection. Viewers are invited to play with this installation. Their image and movements reflected on 40 different mirrors; each angle is slightly different, curved in different directions depending on where you are in relation to the installation.


By Matt Kreuzwieser                   

Awarded: $1000.00

Syncytium is an experiment in space. We try to create a different world than most people experience in their day-to-day lives. Everything, not just the fire, comes together to create this strange world. Also, hippies get cold at night, so we do this for them. 😊

Tree of Za                                                           

By Matthew McFarland                   

Awarded: $300.00

The Tree of ZA: was produced as an art grant for Mosaic 2017. It created a centralized flame effect that we attached a pizza oven to. During the mosaic event, The Consortium produced over 100 artisan pizzas in three days. Each night at dusk we fired up the effect and start cooking pizzas. For Lakes 2018 we are looking to increase the output to around 200 pizzas over 4 days.

Tripbox2 Nexus Boogaloo                                                      

By Potter                            

Awarded: $500.00

Original graphic design psychedelic artwork in a shadow box with RGB LED’s that color change, strobe or can be set to solid color. To me this piece means growth, adventure & imagination. What I wish to communicate is to never stop dreaming, creating, building, loving art

Wild Aesthetic                                                               

By Sean Hages                   

Awarded: $240.00

Wild Aesthetic is both pragmatic, and an experiment to me. This project is all about radical self reliance, I can set it up and take transport it and take it down all by myself with relative ease. So for me its a practical way to exhibit large scale art without the aid of others. It’s also an experiment, my motto with this project has always been “Shut up and sew.” Which to me means; don’t let fear or second guessing stop the process of making. I jumped into this medium and process and just went for it. I wish to communicate to others that this is a viable, approachable and cost efficient way to make and exhibit large scale sculptures.

Worotomo Cafe                                                  

By Katherine Adamski                   

Awarded: $575.00

The Worotomo Cafe is an antique espresso machine that features a retro-futuristic, whimsical design to keep people guessing about the technology inside. The Worotomo Cafe is where burners will gather to participate in drinking coffee, an act taken on at the x-roads, in the morning when sleeping becomes waking, or in the evening as one prepares for the night ahead.


By Suby Raman                   

Awarded: $580.00

In her full form, Yuxa is comprised of two intertwining snakes, representing her dual natures of light and dark. Participants are invited to bring her to “life” through exploration and motions, triggering a vivid audiovisual journey that culminates in the full activation of her being.