Art Grants

G.L.E.A. Inc. and Lakes of Fire are pleased to announce the opening of our 2020 art grant cycle. Since the inception of the Lakes of Fire art grant program approximately a decade ago, the program has grown tremendously thanks to community support from both donations and ticket sales. Thank you for making it possible!



In 2019, we granted $35,000 to grant artists to produce the amazing art seen onsite. 

As in the past, a small amount of money has been set aside to support our youth artists (under 18 years of age) to encourage them to get involved in making more art. If you are a young burner, or have, a young burner in your family with an awesome idea, submit that proposal.



The Art Grant Application process opens on December 23, 2019 and closes on January 31, 2020 at 11pm EST.  

The Art Grant Committee intends to notify successful applicants regarding funding decisions by March 1, 2020



Subject to the below guidelines, Lakes of Fire takes a broad approach to its consideration of what kinds of projects are eligible for an art grant. In the past, Lakes of Fire has funded a wide range of new projects covering the full spectrum of artistic disciplines, i.e. including visual art, performance art and interactive art.

Artists should keep the following guidelines in mind when applying for a grant and preparing a detailed budget for our consideration:

  1. Art grants are intended to fund NEW projects. Returning projects will only be considered for a grant if they are expanding on the original project by building a new piece for the event.
  2. Any projects funded by the event should be available to the community as a whole to experience.
  3. Art grants are intended to cover the cost of raw materials (i.e. wood, steel, paint, fabric, solenoids etc.). Art grants cannot be used to cover the cost of labor or to purchase tools and equipment that have a value or use outside of the art project.  Items not allowable to be covered by art grants include generators, drills, projectors, cameras, boats or vehicles.
  4. Art grants cannot be used to fund personal transportation for you and your team to the event. Funds may be used towards transportation costs required to bring large projects to the event.
  5. Art grants may fund art cars, but if your project is selected, the funds may only be used towards the cost of the materials used in developing the artistic portion of your project (i.e. the tentacles or wings). The funds cannot be used towards the purchase of the underlying vehicle.
  6. Art grant funds cannot be used to cover the cost of food or alcohol relating to any project.
  7. Applications for art grants from theme camps may be considered, but only if the proposal reflects an intention to create a project that has artistic merit (i.e. a sculpture related to the camp) and which will be for the benefit of the community. Art grants cannot be used to build or fund a theme camp itself (i.e. the cost of a dome), nor should they be used to create projects which the community at large cannot experience or enjoy.  All funded art created by theme camps MUST be located in a public part of your camp and does not feel like private camp space.



Interested applicants must fill out the 2020 Art Grant Application Form (PDF/offline application).  Please take the time to answer all of the questions carefully. We request that your entire proposal be sent to us in ONE document, including your project plan, vision, budget, schematics, drawings/ renderings etc. You may embed links into the document.



We know that applying for a grant might be intimidating so we have a few items to help you out.  

This sample art grant proposal can give you a sense of what a proposal should look like.

Here are some best practices and general thoughts from our Art Grant Committee Members.  These are things to consider while creating your application.



Interested artists should check out our art grant policies and Frequently Asked Questions to ensure that you understand how and what we fund through this program.



Email us at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.  We don’t bite.