Art Grants

G.L.E.A. Inc. and Lakes of Fire are pleased to announce the opening of our 2022 art grant cycle. Since the inception of the Lakes of Fire art grant program approximately a decade ago, the program has grown tremendously thanks to community support from both donations and ticket sales. Thank you for making it possible!



After being away for two years, our level of funding for 2022 will not be the same as in the past. We are working with the GLEA board and communicating with our 2020 granted artists to confirm the total amount of funds available to grant. Once we are able to find every single available dollar for art, we will announce it to the community as soon as we are able to do so.

Similar to the past, we will be setting aside a small portion of funds to support our youth artists (under 18 years of age) to encourage them to get involved in making more art. If you are a young burner, or have, a young burner in your family with an awesome idea, submit that proposal. Our goal for 2022 is to showcase youth art at the Nexus.



We’re thrilled to announce our 2022 Art Grant recipients, representing more than $36,000 of funding! Thank you to all our artists, their support teams, and everyone who is helping to make our event a success in 2022.

  • Alison Henkel: Celestial Garden
  • Alyssa Buttarazzi: Transit Galactica
  • Amalia Greene and Team Fuck You: Dead Space
  • Andi Vail “ Fluffy”: Iris Rains
  • April Llewellyn: Ask First – Respect My Space
  • Avi and Mommy: Rockin’ Art (YOUTH LED PROJECT)
  • Brick and the Sub-Atomic Mystery School : Mysteries from Beyond: Break-in Room
  • Carrie Ann Proffer: 500 Shirts for 500 Friends
  • Dan Dells: Abduction from the Swamp
  • Darek Hawkins and Sphinx’s Beer Garden: Sphinx’s Flying Saucer Beer Cart
  • Glass Galaxy Girls: A Different View
  • Griz and The Country Club: Space Holes
  • Heather Faerymama Jerome-Branson: Star’Splosion
  • Jay Zerbel and Alien Tech-Thieves: Elements Under Control
  • Jeff Macleod and Project Gemini: Spaceflight Simulator
  • Jess Tabor (Griz): Great Lakes Mini Municipal CC Course
  • John Grüber and WTD Co-op: Flos Aeris
  • Jonahsaurus: Stuffy Kaiju Kombat (YOUTH LED PROJECT)
  • Jurn & Turm: InterReactive
  • Jyl Bonaguro (Jewel): Transmigration
  • Karolina Ash and Toast Patrol: ToaSTAR
  • Katherine Durkes and Mystical Kitty: Mystical Kitty’s Mystery Cart
  • Katherine Hagman: Nebulous
  • Krista and Luka Cadriel: Tree (YOUTH LED PROJECT)
  • Leland Drexler-Russell: Transplant 2.0
  • Margaret Bobo Dancy: The Asterism
  • Mariel Collins: Very Identificable Flying Objects
  • Marissa Mare (Mare Mare): Light Reticulum
  • Marissa Mare (Mare Mare): Swarm
  • Mark Ramm (Sidequest): Den of Dreams
  • Mary Palmer and Earth Tribe: Ancient Earth Altar
  • Matthew Jensen and Team Navigator: Visions of Phaelon
  • Michael Matthias and Camp Macaroni: Macaroni’s Mobile Art Cart
  • Miles Cutler: Unidentified Boinging Objects
  • Neha Singh: Happy Trees
  • R. Ashley Strange: Flamboyant Hexxxy Sisters
  • Richard McGarry and Illuminaughty: Poofy Koozie
  • Robert Kolb and Space Camp #239 Outta-SPACE: Outta-SPACE Space Camp
  • Sam Cooler: Fantasmophone
  • Scott Crich and Sorr’eh: Spaced Out Eh!
  • Stacey Feldman ‘MsGuyver’: Steam Punkin
  • Teal Bruce: LOF Yacht Club Floating Fountains Structure (FFS)
  • Thor: Naked Identity
  • Tick Town: Planet Plinko
  • Tim Krueger and Fire at the Firewater Lounge: Flaming Jenga
  • William Fischer: The Intergalactic Correspondence Portal
  • Windup and Zesty: Gifting Cheese, The



Email us at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.  We don’t bite.