Art Grants

G.L.E.A. Inc. and Lakes of Fire are pleased to announce the opening of our 2023 art grant cycle. Since the inception of the Lakes of Fire, the art grant program has grown tremendously thanks to the support of our community through donations and ticket sales. Thank you for making it possible!


The Art Grants team is able to grant up to $45,000 in 2023. The Art Grant program funds new pieces of art or additions/upgrades to existing art.
Our team also continues to encourage the creation of art by our youth burners by setting aside a small amount of funds specifically to support the creation of art by youth in our community (under 18 years of age). If you are a young burner, or have, a young burner in your family with an awesome idea, submit that proposal!!

The Art Grants team wants to thank our community for your creativity, ambition and patience as we navigate through all of the applications and requests received for 2023. Our eight person team of grant facilitators and team leads reviewed 84 grant applications submitted for consideration for 2023. Those 84 applications equaled $96,704 in funding requests.

After lots of reading, many team meetings and lots of emails with applicants, we are proud to say that in 2023 we are able to fund 44 art grants projects totalling $45,000.

Some interesting art grant application facts:

  • All but one state or providence touching a Great Lake had an applicant submit an art grant. The exception was Minnesota. That said, the art grant team was contacted by a group of Minnesota artists expressing interest but ultimately chose not to submit because of a conflict with our new event date.
  • Out of the applications received, the following is the breakdown by state:

    Michigan 46.90%
    Illinois 27.20%
    Wisconsin 7.40%
    New York 4.90%
    Pennsylvania 3.70%
    Canada 3.70%
    Indiana 3.70%
    Ohio 2.50%
  • Four projects submitted to the art grant team were existing works of art and did not qualify for grant funding. (Our team funds the creation of NEW work for the event.) Those projects were forwarded to ArtHub’s other funding pool, Honorarium, for consideration that specifically considers pre-existing work.

The Art Grant team always struggles to fund as many projects as possible. This year’s applicants went all out and we are grateful for the work you put into your applications. If you did not receive an art grant for 2023, feel free to contact our team to ask questions or learn more about how your application might have been more successful. We are really proud of the 84 artists/teams that submitted thoughtful proposals and are sad that we could not fund everyone.

Congratulations to the 2023 Art Grant Awardees and build teams listed below.


After A Fire by Kelsey Kovacik (Howell, MI) – $1,800
Aura Portraits by Arden Wyatt (Ferndale, MI) – $60
Birds of a Feather Flock Together by Holly Sprick (Holland, MI) – $150
Boingers in Bloom by Boingibuilders (Philadelphia, PA) – $400
Brain Juice Garden- by Lynn Smith (Oak Park, MI) – $250
Burning Wonder Bra & Bootie Bench- by Ashley Strange (Detroit, MI) – $2,000
Cogniclaw by David Sifferd (Traverse City, MI) – $1,000
Creaming Corneas by Robert Kolb (Elmhurst, IL) – $500
Fae Ring! by Dirty Z (Ann Arbor, MI) – $405
Fae’s “Forbidden” Stage by Devon Ras (Chicago, IL) – $200
Fire Monstera by James Villalpando (Chicago, IL) – $589
Florentem Fluorescens by Miranda Roark (Chesterfield, MI) – $417
Flying Saucy Spaceship by Travis Faber (Detroit, MI) – $1,000
Garden of Dreams by Liesl Geneva Cone (Comstock Park, MI) – $1,400
Garden of Reflections by Emily Segal (Galien, MI) – $558
Garden of Wonderful Ramen [YOUTH PROJECT] by Luka Cadriel & Krista Bignall Cadriel
Punky (Muskegon, MI) – $589
Garden of Zen by Kathryn Lund (Milwaukee, WI) – $663
Gazebo of Wonder by Kaitlin Slack (Warren, MI) – $1,000
Glowing Garden of Listening [YOUTH PROJECT] by Tasmin Beyer & Kat Beyer (Madison, WI) – $500
Grooving Forward by Robin Mordini (Chicago, IL) – $600
Growing Love by Kat Mordini (Milwaukee, WI) – $500
Hall of Unseelie Court by Mariah Spain (Livonia, MI) – $500
HeyU Class LOF Can Scow by Laura Smith (Woodstock, IL) – $550
Infinity Garden- by Kelly Kundrat (Ypsilanti, MI) – $1,000
Life-sized Dinosaur Puppet by Puppet Parade (Detroit, MI) – $355
LOF Labyrinth by Renzo Tormen (Plainwell, MI) – $207
Magic Mushroom Fairy Circle- by Katie Hurst (Kalamazoo, MI) – $1,000
Magical Forest by Daniel Kowalski (Hoffman Estates, IL) – $3,000
Miang Jun by Jeremy Besemer (Wyandotte, MI) – $4,675
Mobile Blacksmith Shop by Scottishninja (Sterling Heights, MI) – $1,482
Mycolalia by Rainy Sinclair (Pittsburg, PA) – $2,830
Never May the Fruit Be Picked by Samantha Link (Milwaukee, WI) – $450
Pondering Paradise by Veronique Rawetzki (Lansing, MI) – $1,012
Portal of Unfolding by Havoc (Carmel, IN) – $500
Psilo-Luminos by Annie Rose and Snowflake (Gary, IN) – $1,380
Royal Trumpets by Adam Foster (Rochester, NY) – $2,350
Seed Shrine by Rae Beam and the Green Fairies (Kalamazoo, MI) – $1,000
Sideways Potato Rider by Lauren Robinson (Chicago, IL) – $688
Studio 40 by Josh Navon (Chicago, IL) – $425
Tarot Garden by Victoria Primeau (North Bay ON, Canada) – $550
Tied by Robin Mordini (Chicago, IL) – $140
Weighted Heart- by Kayla Botelho (Philadelphia, PA) – $654
What I Wanted to Say… by Sunny Crump (Indianapolis, IN) – $700
You Too Can Raku by Eli Zemper (Chelsea, MI) – $1,000


Email us at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.  We don’t bite.