Art Grants

Are you looking for funds to fuel your artistic dreams? With immense pride, G.L.E.A. Inc. / Lakes of Fire is pleased to announce the opening of our fifth grant cycle for 2019 (update: now closed!).  We are proud to continue to grow this program and it’s all thanks to your community support! As participants, your participation that has made this program possible, and it is quite literally your money that will be funding these grants.


There was be one grant cycle with up to $35,000 in potential grant money. Returning for 2019, a small amount of money has been set aside specifically for our youth burners (under 18 years of age) to get them more involved with art projects.  If you have a young Burner with an awesome idea, please make sure to submit your proposal next year!

2019 Art Grants

​Ask First: Trick or Treat
By ​Honeysuckle
Awarded: $384

Consent isn’t just a bunch of hocus pocus!  Let’s share consent culture though Summerween and beyond with Ask First swag and signs.  No trick, all treat!

By InGenieous Collective
Awarded: $3000

InGenieous is an enormous glowing Genie Lamp.  Participants will be able to go inside and meet Genies who will encourage and facilitate the real magic of wish granting.

Bermuda Triangle Beacons
By Bermuda Triangle Travel Bureau
Awarded: $350

Visit and interact with our three wooden pyramids; each representing the geographic “corners” of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle (Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda). These structures form an actual “Devil’s” triangle within Lakes of Fire. Brought to you by the Bermuda Triangle Travel Bureau!

The Factory
By Hannah Aubry & Rohan Thadani
Awarded: $450

At The Factory, you’ll find live screen-printing… but with a twist! Once you’ve taken a daily training, you’ll be free to use the factory as you please. Have a design or idea you’d like to share? Submit an advance order and we’ll help you create a screen.

Through The Veil
By Gypsy Wolves
Awarded: $2000

Through the Veil: An interactive journey exploring the origins of modern day Halloween traditions by stepping through the mists of time and into the world of the ancient Celts and their festival of Samhein.

Arachnid Arbor
By BubbleSlayer
Awarded: $700

Once upon a Bedtime Story, the Moon charmed Summer into falling in love with Halloween. Spent, the lovers left their bower and now dozens of delicate, crystal spiders have hatched!

Flynn Flynn and ReRe T-Rex
By The Foxy Krueger Family Team
Awarded: $142 (Youth Grant!)

We think dinosaurs are really cool. We think they are really scary like Halloween so we are going to big a really big T-Rex to share and then burn.

Yayhabar and Yaybohm
By Underworld Instruments
Awarded: $1,350
Team Name: Underworld Instruments

The Yaybahr and Yaybohm are fully interactable instruments that can be plucked, struck, or bowed to create spooky sounds from the beyond!

Stained Glass Playhouse
By Silhouette and North
Awarded: $150

The Stained Glass Playhouse is an interactive art experience where you can come to chill out or get energized as you direct the flow of light, color, and shapes that will be projected in front of you.

The Cauldrons of Summoning
By Team Fuck You and The Den

The Cauldron of Summoning awaits your grandest wishes and deepest desires. Step up to the glowing vortex, sacrifice your summoning coin, and prepare for your hopes and dreams to manifest.

By  Burn Tech

Firefly is an interactive, wearable, project at the intersection of art and technology. Each firefly, of the hundreds or maybe thousands we would like to make, has an LED, a light sensor, and a chip with code that lets them talk to each other with the goal being to explore what behaviors emerge from the simple set of rule contained within.

Positivity Tiger
Awarded: $140

Animatronic tiger spreading words of love and positivity to combat the resurgence of negativity. Lakes participants will be able to record positive thoughts they want to be transmitted to others, which will be projected from the moving mouth of the positivity tiger.

Cuddle Zone
By Cakes
Awarded: $350

Enter the Pumpkin and find The Cuddle Zone. The Cuddle Zone is an inclusive space for you to come to relax, express your creativity through crafts, and meet some new people who are excited to welcome you whether this is your first Lakes of Fire or your tenth. Our artistic space includes a lounge area for cuddling and chatting, stim toys, and all sorts of activities to engage and emphasize the Immediacy Principle. You’ll be immersed in color, lights, art, and loving, beautiful people. Just bring your lovely selves, an open heart, and your creativity!

Mobile Puppet Bar
By Team Ken Gibson
Awarded: $100

This will be an mobile interactive puppet bar that will occupy random parts of the festival at random times often residing in the Burnlesque Presents theme camp area. The bar will be hosted by a puppet tending to a puppet sized bar. There will be small taps that will provide an assortment of beverages. There will be roughly three additional puppets for the attendees of the puppet bar to dawn in order to be served at the puppet bar. There will be three little tables, a jukebox and a dance floor (possibly additional things to come such as live music played by a very large puppet human).

The Witching Woods
By Amanda Prentice
Awarded: $500

The Witching Woods are dressed for the occasion, and light a path on the dark side of the lake.

Consensual Maths
By Jeff MacLeod
Awarded: $200

What’s the one thing Lake of Fire is missing? Math! Come do math with us in our math booth. Imaging a lemonade stand but for mathing. Come get your mathematical questions answered, find like minded people. But if math isn’t your thing, the booth opens up into a wall of open canvas that can be used for drawing, writing or whatever you want to create.

Sand Pendulum
By Jeff MacLeod
Awarded: $100

Did you know that math is beautiful! It is, and you can see it with the sand pendulum. It slowly releases sand as it sways back and forth, creating a pattern on the ground of its motion. As participants change parts of the pendulum, different patterns will be created. What patterns can you find?

By Linden Godlove and John Finazzo

Come find a space of respite and contemplation amidst the invigorating atmosphere of Lakes at “Renewal”. Lay back, experience infinity, and consider the breadth of the skies.

Mirror Mirror on the Castle Wall, Who Is the Finest Fire Knight of All?
By Copycats
Awarded: $962

A castle of costumes is guarded by knights in armor who respond with fire while a mirror in your fitting room offers costuming advice and feedback.

Spooky Spooky
By Valhalla
Awarded: $962

As the witching hour creeps up and releases ghouls and goblins, these big black light beasts hover above us trying to push through the ethereal plane. Come be haunted by these spectral leviathans as they shimmer and beckon.

Naked Identity
By Thor
Awarded: $3500

Naked Identity is an exploration of female body image and physical identity. A ring of small nude, sculpted portraits of actual women from the burning man community encircle a large illuminated central figure. The poses and costumes are all selected by the models themselves, as they would like to be presented, in collaboration with and sculpted by Joshua Thor Diedrich.

The Purple Hare Theater
By Tracy Fields
Awarded: $800

A floating merriment of light, water, and sound. The purple Hare Theater will treat those to a theater experience unlike one has ever seen at Lucky Lake

Tabletop Mini-Golf
By Alec Rudek
Awarded: $100

Tabletop Mini-Golf offers a fun experience of playing a 5 course game without the overbearing equipment and commitment. Play through iconic scenes of five classic horror movies at the tips of your fingers while competing for the best score!

Area 51 & ½
By Scuba
Awarded: $595

It’s a bird, it’s a .. no, that’s been done. It’s definitely a UFO above the lake. Protect your cows and watch out for probes!

Spirit in the Pines
By Bodega
Awarded: $300

Spirit in the Pines, will be a self guided participatory spirit board seance in the woods.

Mailbox to the Future
By Bodega
Awared: $235

This is a chance to contact your future self. What??? How is that possible??? Send a message via the Mailbox to the Future. That’s right! In April 2020 you will receive a written postcard from your past self. No Way!

Elements out of control
By Captain Keester
Awarded: :$250
A damaged, leaking, and burning nuclear reactor.

By Witch Doctors
Awarded: $1,000

A golf cart decorated as a shaman’s hut with a jeopardy wheel affixed to the back that, when spun, lands on a rune that the participant interprets with the help of the witch doctors. Each rune is associated with a potion (a shot of alcohol or non-alcoholic herbal tonic) that is gifted to the participant. When the mutant vehicle is parked, the participant can still play with the jeopardy wheel & learn about this ancient form of divination by themselves. The witch doctors will be in character the entire time when making their rounds, enhancing the spooky experience lakes of fire

Impress Yo’Self
By Toasted Pickles Playscape
Awarded: $1,750

Impress Yo’Self will replicate the pin impression toy made popular in the late eighties and early nineties. It will consist of a boxed surface made of a crowded array of PVC tubing that are free to slide in and out independently in a screen to create a three-dimensional relief.

Malign Vine
By Illuminaughty
Awarded: $1,561

In wandering the ethereal garden of alien and foreign plants, you spot an alien vine in full bloom protruding from the earth. Its texture is organic, gnarled, curvy, and you seem to notice it glowing, pulsing from the inside.. or is that your imagination.

Transdimensional Portal
By Temporal SGC
Awarded: $1,500

Modern technology has made interdimensional travel possible! Enter the portal and manipulate the space-time continuum until you get transported into another dimension (if you dare).

Dino Toy
By Underwire/ Dino Explorers
Awarded: $3000

The Dino Toy is a papercraft style metal sculpture that is inspired by the first toy I purchased for my son. Given that dino had flashing lights and this one is a little more fun with flame effects instead. Along with the dino sculpture the spirit of childhood joy is also brought to life in the coloring cavern. You will crawl into this child size world to rediscover the joy of letting go and just coloring. So come rediscover your childhood joy with us.

By Tarna
Awarded: $3,750

Tarna is a large scale Jackalope art car with flaming antlers. She has a booming sound system to entertain, and an interior plounge to explore.

The Infinity Crystal
By Reflected Fire
Awarded: $538

Let yourself be drawn into the infinite vortex of the crystal. Walking around the crystal will offer mind perplexing views of an object that appears bigger on the inside, while peering up close will allow participants to stare into a deep infinite void.

The Green Fairy Seed Library and Unfuck your Burn Booth
By Green Fairy Ops
Awarded: $300

A table that is a library card catalog with 10 small drawers containing labeled seed packets; on the table are live aloe plants. There is a canopy of umbrellas painted like flowers to provide shade and attract plant loving people.

Great Lakes Miniature Municipal Country Club
By the Country Club
Awarded: $1000

The Country Club welcomes you to recapture the joys of your youth on our nine hole mini golf course. The Country Club, an exclusive place for everyone.

Easily A’Moose’d
By Bar Sorreh
Awarded: $700

EASILY A’MOOSE’D is a visual projection-mapping art installation that will consist of a 3-D polygonal sculpture of a moosehead and a maple leaf which will come alive at night with a kaleidoscope of colors, pre-rendered images, videos and cool sound-reactive effects, as it reacts and pulsates to the beat of the music!

Totem of Light
By Patchy Stache Flow Flow
Awarded: $800

“Totem of Light” is a glowing beacon that calls out for each of us to connect with our animal spirits and connect more deeply with the natural world around us.

The Glow Shack
By Eric Krawczyk
Awarded: $350

The Glow Shack is a little old place where light and shadow can get together. Here, you and your friends can capture silhouettes and paint with light on the glow-in-the-dark walls.

Everything Paint Shop
By Camp Natural Weeners
Awarded: $260 (Youth Grant!!)

“Everything Paint Shop” is a magical mysterious nook for transforming into your favorite character. Sit back and have your face painted by “Classically Trained” artists, baby burners, or create your own expressions!


The Art Grant Application process opens Saturday, January 19, 2019 and closes Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 1:00am EST.   Ideally, the art grant committee would notify all applicants about all funding decisions by the end of the week of March 19, 2019. (ART GRANTS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR 2019)


Subject to the below guidelines, Lakes of Fire takes a broad approach to its consideration of what kinds of projects are eligible for an art grant. In the past, Lakes of Fire has funded a broad range of new projects covering the full spectrum of artistic disciplines, i.e. including visual art, performance art and interactive art.

Artists should keep the following guidelines in mind when applying for a grant and preparing a detailed budget for our consideration:

  1. Art grants are intended to fund new projects. Returning projects will only be considered for a grant if they are expanding on the original project by building a new piece for the event.
  2. Any projects that are funded by the event should be available to the community as a whole to experience.
  3. Art grant are intended to cover the cost of raw materials (i.e. wood, steel, paint, fabric, solenoids etc.) Art grants cannot be used cover the cost of labor or the purchase of tools & equipment (i.e. such as a generator, drill, projector, camera, boat or vehicle).
  4. Art grants cannot be used to fund personal transportation for you and your team to the event. Funds from an art grant may be used towards transportation costs required to bring large projects to the event.
  5. Lakes of Fire may fund art cars, but if your project is selected, the funds may only be used towards the cost of the materials used in developing the artistic portion of your project (i.e. the tentacles or wings). The funds cannot be used towards the purchase of the underlying vehicle.
  6. Lakes of fire art grant funds cannot be used to cover the cost of food or alcohol relating to any project.
  7. Applications for art grants from theme camps may be considered, but only if the proposal reflects an intention to create a project that has artistic merit (i.e. a sculpture related to the camp) and which will be for the benefit of the community. Art grants cannot be used to build or fund a theme camp itself (i.e. the cost of a dome).


Interested applicants must fill out the 2019 Art Grant Application Form.  Please take time to answer all of the questions to be fully considered.  You must EMBED EVERYTHING into this document, including project plans, budget, schematics, etc and save your application as one PDF or other document type.  To submit your application, email the attached pdf/doc to artgrants@lakesoffire.org.

All art grant submissions will be responded to as they are received. If you do not get a response within 72 hours please contact the art grant team to ensure we received your submission.


We know that applying for a grant might be intimidating so we have a few items to help you out.


Interested artists should check out our art grant policies and Frequently Asked Questions to ensure that you understand how and what we fund through this program.


Email us at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.  We don’t bite.