Art Grants


Greetings creative participants! Looking for funds to fuel your dreams? Art grants are available from GLEA to help in the process, please see below for details!  These funds are a direct result of participant’s ticket prices to keep Lakes of Fire awesome!


With immense pride, G.L.E.A. Inc. / Lakes of Fire announces this year’s art grant cycle. This will be the fourth year of the program and it continues to grow thanks to our community support!

On behalf of the organizing team and future funded artists, thank you Lakes of Fire community for your incredible support! It truly is your participation that has made this program possible, and it is quite literally your money that will be funding these grants.

There will be one grant cycle this year for $35,000 in potential grant money available. To be considered for an art grant, submissions will begin on 01/18/18 and be due by 2/18/18 1:00am EST.  This year money has been set aside to getting our sparks more involved with art projects, so if you have a youth burner (under 18) with an awesome idea, please submit!

The art grant application is CLOSED, all art grant submissions will be responded to as  they are received. If you do not get a response within 72 hours please contact the art grant team to ensure we received your submission! 

Interested artists should check out our art grant policies and Frequently Asked Questions.

Please take a look at a sample application to understand what our expectations are.


 2018 Art Grant Recipients:

10 Principles Reflective Immersion Experience
By Frank Anderson and Joshua Valdes

The 10 Principles Reflective Immersion Experience- A magical space for burners to interact with the 10 principles and reflect on how they reflect your true nature.

Affirmation Alley
By Bodega

To create multiple affirmations for participants to read, ponder, take in and hopefully
relate to and realize how amazing they really are.

Arco de los Muertos
By Matt Kreuzwieser

Arco de los Muertos is a fiery take on a traditional wedding arch. Those who walk through it will begin a new journey through life together.

Ark of Orenda
By Dudewolf

The Ark of Orenda was a legendary ship which traveled the galaxies sailing on beams of light and setting up and repairing relay satellites for outlying colonies to help connect their villages to “the network”….It was huge deal for the colonies when the ship came, and a massive all night celebration ensued each time it arrived at a new location.

Ask First: Pillow Talk
By April H L/honeysuckle

Come cuddle up with Consent! Snuggle something squishy, grab a zine, and remember: enthusiastic consent creates better connections, so Ask First!

Boozy BAR’ncle
By Captain Mimu

A place to drink for all the swarvy pirates of lakes of fire!

Burgeoning Blossom
By Capt. Ryan

Forged from metal, illuminated by rare earth and exothermically fueled by decomposing life, Burgeoning Blossom is something you would find crash landing on an alien planet or stumbling into a bad Dr Seuss trip.

Clayton the Whale
By Andrea Wails (Zenith)

The Gentle Giant is a sassy sperm whale made of sheet metal that spits fire out of his blowhole. This 12 foot whale is an interactive project, make sure to stop by camp burnlesque to get creative with other burners this year at Lakes by picking up a can of spray paint and painting this gentle giant!!!

Closet Fort Kingdom Show
By Sheriff Phoenix and Pan of The Closet Fort Kingdom

The Closet Fort Kingdom Show is an immersive family entertainment spectacle fueled by troubadours, musicians, actors, storytellers, and puppets that prompt the audience to discover their most magical selves, and set them free. Step through the door, and discover a Land just waiting to create with you!

Dancing Forest
By Sam Cooler & Sarah Sutherlin

A forest of vertical pole trees, flexibly mounted and reactively illuminated, connected above in an elastic web. Participants flow through the field, dancing and swinging with the trees and each other

Deady Bear Den
By Safety Cat

The Deady Bear den is a comfortable space to relax with friends, filled with music and the magical properties of light. Using subtractive principles of light and large hand-dyed fabrics we will merge art with science to play with people’s perspective and leave them with stories to tell!

By Dirtloaf Diver

Space-Western themed ship on wheels.

Dewey’s Dreamland
By Quinn Monforton and Dewey Decibels

Somewhere to shake your legs in a dream land with a touch of a nightmare landscape.

Dragon Tales
By Q and Just Wingin’ It

Throughout history, storytelling has been an important part of every culture and community. Storytellers across the world have been highly regarded as teachers, leaders, spiritual guides, and entertainers as they weave together
shared experiences of mankind. This will be a community space for a story to heard or told.

Dreaming Dragon
By Tank Girl and Team Fuck You

Come warm yourself on our badass, flaming dragon.


Stories are all about allowing yourself to be in someone else’s place. When you fall asleep with the last words of a bedtime story echoing, you’re encouraging your dreams to let you be that person, go to those places. I intend to bring a number of tooled leather masks – inspired by fantastical creatures and bedtime stories – that can be displayed, worn, and ultimately given as gifts.

Fabletree Fountain
By Madeline Usher

The Fabletree Fountain is an old, broken tree from which magical waters still flow. Choosing different paths for the waters reveal different stories. Which paths will you choose?

Faces and Fountain
By Eric Rentschler

A piece is about natures elemental powers, balance and humans impact. Also about the beauty in working with nature and the magic it brings.
Funky Tiki Teahut
By The Funky Tiki Teahut

Close your eyes and imagine walking into a Tahitian Tiki Village where daydreamers can drift off all day enjoying hand crafted cold brewed teas in between session of yoga, meditation, sound baths, acupuncture, and general community lounging. At night these dreamers will have their souls shaken awake with pulsating frequencies that will bring about uncontrolled twerking and gyrating.

Gateway to the Gods
By John Grüber and Valhalla

The Sword of Surtr is a large flaming sword that will welcome new warriors in Valhalla as we prepare for Ragnarok.
The Shield of the Gods is an interactive, animated mixed-media art installation that will greet visitors to Valhalla.

By Glow

Goa’s Dream. Strings plucked from the dreams of Lakes past, from the subconscious threads in our minds that are stimulated by rich soundscapes and throbbing bass-lines. Woven into a shifting physical form, it is calling us to dance…

Handy Candy (Youth)
By Phoenix

Handy Candy: providing a deliciously sweet experience to cure even the bitterest of burners!

By WayWard with the ¡BANG! Theme camp

A beating heart can often cause a rise in temperature…

Heavy Meta 2.0
By Heavy Meta Collective

Heavy Meta is a towering, spine-chilling metal dragon… and that’s before it shoots a massive fireball from its animatronic mouth when the bass drops. Fabricated in Toronto, Canada, it is 30 feet long, 19 feet high, and has toured North America from New York to Burning Man; Heavy Meta has some new tricks up its metallic sleeve for Lakes of Fire this year.

Janky Dreamatorium
By Grandpa and LP with Janky Dreamers

The Dreamatorium is a space for 1-2 persons to engage in a mildly interactive, highly imaginative audio-sensory experience. Participants may choose to partake in their choice of either dreams or nightmares in a tactile, immersive environment

By MadTown

Lakes of Fire Little Free Library. Take a book, leave a book! Books for all ages pertaining to this year’s theme. Book contributions welcome and encouraged.

Mood Swings
By half mile

Mood Swings is a playful interactive pun, imagining extreme emotions as actual swings. We hope this fun, safe space will inspire participants to start more conversations about mental health.

Oracle of the Sphinx
By KT and Sphinx’s Beer Garden

She won’t kill or eat you, but she might swallow you whole. Come test your senses and intellect with our lovely lioness… she just might cough up something you least expect.

Plastic Lung
By Fledgling and “ me & v & the devil makes 3”

To give people a meditative moment with visual breath.

Pot of Rainbows
By BeastMode

Pot of Rainbows will be an attempt to capture the transient, colorful beauty of a summer rainbow. A colored steel pyramid, inspired by bismuth, will serve as frame and presentation for the shifting, hypnotic flame of a propane bubbler.

Roaming Disco
By Doug Peters and Amber Coggin

While strolling around Lucky Lake, you notice something different that was not there last time you walked past… as you approach you see a double-bicycle-powered rolling bar set with a multitude of multi-colored gourmet cocktail infusions amidst jungle greenery and a rotating disco ball. Have a seat on a padded bar stool in the shade and enjoy a refreshing drink while admiring the art and meeting new & old friends – Welcome to the Roaming Disco Jungle Cocktail Bar!

Seraph Sundial
By Green

A world of seeing creatures exists within the space of the Seraph Sundial. The Seraph Sundial exists within the space of the world.

Sun Lights @ Night
By Annie Oatmeal

Through the power of the sun the the night will be illuminated in a spectacular fashion!

Story Book Labyrinth
By Gwendolyn Jerris

An interactive, choose-your-own-adventure story.

Temple of Infinite Suns
By Fox

The Temple of Infinite Suns is an immersive experience of firelight and motion. This temple environment harkens to the senses and spirits of its viewers through ancient Egyptian aesthetic and mythological narrative.

The Ark Car
By Humpy

The Ark Car is a steel and wood reimagination of the classic biblical boat, Noah’s Ark. With interactive sound and lighting components, this futuristic steampunk vessel isa is both a symbol and real life manifestation of our hopes and aspirations for humanity in troubled times.

The Dream Gate
By Alec Rudek and Camp One More Thing!

The Dream Gate is the passageway from real life into the Lakes of Fire Dream World, where wild fantasies become the new reality. Tag team with someone else to play the brain’s game and alter its dream state, and explore dream limbo, where you can kick back inside an ethereal and interactive atmosphere.

The Dreamers
By Kat and Burnlesque

The Dreamers is a celebration of the builders, makers, artists, thinkers, dreamers and make-believers who breathe life into the world. Acrylic cut portraits will reflect light and images from a rear projection with a beautiful and ethereal essence similar to a hologram.

The Eye of the Storm
By Jellybean and The Consortium of Indigent Mythological Creatures and
Imaginary Bunnies

Enjoy a moment of peace in the Eye of the Storm, a whimsical cloud sanctuary for reflection, writing, and contemplation.

The Puppet Palace (Youth)
By Miles and Maggie Asselin

Come to The Puppet Palace! You can come to make your own puppets and to make up your own bedtime stories. Make your own amazing puppets and show them off on the puppet stage. So what are you waiting for? Make a puppet and a show at Puppet Palace!

The Red Lanterns
By Simón

The Red Lanterns shine as beacons of love. They welcome you to the Red Light District.

Wet Dream 239
By Rocket and Camp 2:39

Wet Dreams 239 – A stimulation of “Bedtime stories” &/or fantasies- Sweet Dreams are made of this.

Wish upon a Star
By Bodega

Lie down, close your eyes, face towards the sky, make a wish, now open your eyes. Do you see the stars? Your wish will be written on one of those stars.

By Salamanda, One-Square, Cho Cho of Brownian Motion

Yuxa is comprised of two intertwining snakes, representing her dual natures of
light and dark. For Lakes one of these snakes will be present for participants to bring her to “life” through exploration and motions, triggering a vivid audiovisual journey that culminates in the full activation of her being.

For more information about art grants from previous years, check out our Art Grants History!