Art Honoraria

ArtHub is Lakes of Fire’s Art department and tasked with the curation, placement, support and coordination of art for the event. ArtHub is located on-site by the Pines in Center Camp and functions as a check-in center for artists invited to the event by the ArtHub team and Art Grant recipients, as well as a hub of information about art.

ArtHub Art Honorariums

ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. Unlike Art Grants, Honorariums are NOT for funding the creation of new art work or for finishing previous projects.

If you are bringing art to share with the community at Lakes of Fire wether its applying for an Art Grant, Honoraria or simply registering an art project please visit the Key Dates and Registration Form page, for those important dates.

We are pleased to announce 2022’s Lakes of Fire Art HONORARIUM Recipients!

ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. This year’s Art Honorarium recipients are:


Awarded: $1200
The Gateway is Afrofuturistic and inspired by Ancient Egypt and Nubia. The installation deals with the magical realism of Ancient Egypt/Nubia. The Ancient Egyptians and Nubians believed that the sun was a deity, Ra, and had metaphysical powers as the giver of life on Earth and creator of the universe. Ra would go through the underworld and different dimensions/realities at night in preparation for rebirth in the east. The Gateway is a 12 ft structure that will be part of a larger art installation for Burning Man 2022 called The Solar Shrine.

Bella Vagare

Awarded: $200
Bella Vagare is a 24′ gondola built from a custom tubular steel frame upon which a wooden body has been built. It runs on 6 wheels and is propelled by a 16hp hydrostatic lawn mower drivetrain. it is illuminated with headlights, tail lights, directional work lights and a lot of accents for flavor. The sound is handled by two amplifiers driving a pair of subwoofers and 4 full range surround speakers.

Sparky the Unicorn

Awarded: $700
Sparky the Unicorn is a 12′ tall mobile sculpture of a unicorn that is also a puppet and can be manipulated by participants to come alive. It is decorated with 300 yards of rainbow tulle fabric for daytime enjoyment, and is covered with over 6000 LEDs for spectacular night-time viewing. Two riders can ride in the saddle and two beneath. Participants have agency in bringing the art to life by moving the head with the reins, like a real horse, and manipulating the legs with rope to make Sparky ‘trot’ or ‘gallop.’

Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival

Awarded: $1200
Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival is a large scale carnival with interactive games – and fire! Built of metal and wood, we offer flaming ping pong, fiery skeeball, high striker, Loki the evil bean bag clown, zap the electric ring toss, flaming popcorn and more! We typically occupy about 5,000 square feet, music to set the mood, lights a-plenty, and, of course, lots of fire.

Big Charles /Hate Maker/ This here Heart

Awarded: $6000
Big Charles is a 16′ tall, all steel sculpture made from recycled metal objects in the form of a large Robot. Participants control the 20 separate fire effects with a control panel.

Hate Maker is an interactive fire flute with 8 separate poofers and notes.

This here heart is a 7′ anatomical heart that glows red when packed full of burning wood.

Inner space

Awarded: $3400
Inner space consists of 300 – 400 paraffin / soy blend based outdoor candles to create a 75′ x 75′ crop circle labyrinth. The labyrinth is an analogy for life. It is not a maze or a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced.

Palmas de Fuego

Awarded: $2000
The Palmas de Fuego art piece is made up of two 12′ tall palm trees. Each tree is made up of 7 fronds with a pooling flame static effect under each frond. The palm trees create a beautiful ambiance which is used as either a chill lounge space for artists and participants to interact and inspire or a great dance floor.