Art Honoraria

ArtHub is Lakes of Fire’s Art department and tasked with the curation, placement, support and coordination of art for the event. ArtHub is located on-site by the Pines in Center Camp and functions as a check-in center for artists invited to the event by the ArtHub team and Art Grant recipients, as well as a hub of information about art.

ArtHub Art Honorariums

ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. Unlike Art Grants, Honorariums are NOT for funding the creation of new art work or for finishing previous projects.

If you are bringing art to share with the community at Lakes of Fire wether its applying for an Art Grant, Honoraria or simply registering an art project please visit the Key Dates and Registration Form page, for those important dates.

We are pleased to announce 2019’s Lakes of Fire Art HONORARIUM Recipients!

ArtHub Art Honorariums are intended to curate existing large scale interactive & participatory installation art pieces for Lakes of Fire. This year’s Art Honorarium recipients are:


By: Bridget Fox
Awarded: $600

Ceramadelics light sculptures are interactive translucent porcelain creations to enlighten your imagination, seduce your mind and open your soul to a new world of illumination. Inspired by aquatic and botanical organisms the intricately crafted forms with custom electronics are a unique species designed to provide mesmerizing light at night and be captivatingly beautiful in the daylight too. By integrating electronics with ceramics we give a synergistic awareness to decorative organic forms which allows them to pulse and glow with life. This rare undersea garden of earthly treasures, cerebral concoctions and cosmic delights will provide stimulating sensory enlightenment on your journeys around the lake.

Out of this World Advice

By: Colin Sullivan
Awarded: $400

An alien communication device was left here 2000 years ago by future-seeing aliens who knew that in 2018, humans would really need some advice. Passed down through generations, the communication device is now available for all to contact the extraterrestrials for advice.

The Shiny Seed

By: Casey Dixon
Awarded: $4100

The Shiny Seed is an 18-foot tall steel tree, branches decorated with 20 orbs and several hundred stainless steel leaves. These move organically in the breeze, reflecting the sunlight during the day and the lighted fruit at night. There is a small, elaborately carved wooden fairy door nestled into the base of the tree. The goal is to create a chain reaction of inspiration. This inspiration may come from the joyfully sparkling leaves, the otherworldly fruit glowing from within, or something else entirely. We plant seeds of inspiration, which grow and take root, encouraging people to create, build, and inspire each other, ultimately supporting the ideas and creativity of our community. Change begins with a single moment.

The Dreaming Dragon

By: Amalia Greene
Awarded: $650

A metal dragon with flaming spines, draped over a metal topped table. The dragon is constructed entirely out of metal. The flame element is excellent for attracting cold hippies in the night, and what spooky landscape is complete without a majestic dragon?

Brilliant Bloom

By: Doug Peters
Awarded: $300

“Brilliant Bloom” is a large immersive beaming disco lotus flower blooming forth out of the ground. It consists of several ~6’ tall steel, mirror & fabric lotus flower petals w a giant rotating disco ball rising out of the middle, all flooded with colorful & white beaming lights.

The Toll Booth

By: Heidi Kay
Awarded: $550

What’s the point of all this Toll Booth stuff? To praise citizens for participating, to create an opportunity for citizens to show off and share their talents, to make ‘event virgins’ aware that they are artists TOO, and gosh darn just encourage silliness and lots of laughter. -We also just like wearing matching uniforms and hats.

Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival

By: Neil Verplank
Awarded: $1000

Capn Nemo’s offers a carnival / circus like experience, centered around Fire! We have fire spinners, flaming games of chance and skill, and fun for all ages. We typically occupy about 7500 s.f., with a core camp of 20+, and that many more volunteering from other camps. We offer some daytime fun, and then things really pick up at night when we light the fires!

The Country Club

By: Jess Tabor
Awarded: $900

The Country Club Art piece is a miniature golf course. With what will be a 10 hole course, a Tiki Bar/Dome (the Golden Pineapple), a fire pit area, and a small candy area for the Theme (the Candied Apple), the Country Club will be a fully interactive entertainment option at the Lake.

Fabletree Fountain

By: Madeline Usher
Awarded: $400

Several installations including a Spooky Café Shade Structure, Light Fences, Weird Plantlike Lamp of Balls and a six foot interactive fountain, allowing visitors to choose the paths the water can take, and different paths reveal panels of short creepy stories.


By: Andrew Drier
Awarded: $1200

Mutant Vehicle- A space ship, sun cruiser, boat on wheels. It is roughly 9′ Wide (13′) when “assembled”. 25′ Long. Primary built from wood on top of a ford e-150 frame/motor. Fully illuminated on outside as well as on board. Light effects are utilized for aesthetics including color changing LED boosters. Two Sun sails lay horizontal on top for aesthetic and practical reasons. Participants can climb on any part of it and ride safely on almost all areas. The Front “bow” of the ship is kept as an open platform for performances/dance.

Ziggy Sawdust and the Chainsaws from Mars

By: Glenn Richardson
Awarded: $1200

Ziggy invites you to sit in the chair of death for 17 minutes while he reduces a 24″×14″×2″ plank of pine with a chainsaw into your visage. That’s correct, your portrait with a chainsaw in 17 minutes. This is as much a performance as a product. It is chainsaw portrait carving of a live seared subject. The carving takes place within a 10×10 popup tent sided with screen door mesh zip tied to deer fence for added strength. This tent is erected over multiple layers of tarp to contain the moop.

Frick Frack Blackjack

By: Robert Wilkinson
Awarded: $1400

Styled to look like a small gypsy wagon the artistic Purpose of Frick Frack Blackjack revolves around concepts of value and possession. When monetary worth is no longer the determining factor, then what makes something valuable? The game helps to teach people to reevaluate the value of what they have outside of a monetary construct and instead see it in real terms. It also allows an avenue for one to separate out the things in their life they love vs. everything else. One should not gamble with the things they love, but once those things are known then every other possession is just stuff.

Temple of Infinite Suns

By: Jesse Fox
Awarded: $300

The Temple of Infinite Suns represents the infinite beauty of our souls while realizing they are also in a temporary vessel. It provides an intimate space of contemplation for individuals or groups.

Ark of Orenda

By: Jeff Deehan
Awarded: $1600

The Ark of Orenda is a massive sail barge mutant vehicle with a 50 foot deck (open to participants), 20 foot tall sails, high powered lasers, a 40kw self powered sound system, LED lighting, Flame Effects, and much more.

Sun Light @ Night

By: Anne Minga
Awarded: $0

Lanterns that create a “stained-glass” effect powered by solar panels. Through the power of the sun the the night will be illuminated in a spectacular fashion!

2019 Summerween Entrance Sign

By: Dweezle Goggs
Awarded: $300