The Effigy Council

The Effigy Council consists of experienced volunteers and past effigy leads; they make the final selection of the current year effigy plan from submitted proposals, and support the current Effigy builders, which usually changes year to year.  Dedicated to the timely completion of the Effigy, they share hard-earned wisdom with the Effigy Team gained from past builds; from structural and technical aspects to scheduling, logistics and coordination needs. They are there to support the Effigy Team and help keep the project on track – and occasionally provide some commiserating whiskey along the way.

Previous Effigy Builders: Poochie, Spotter, Ashley, Adam, Tai, Mario & Tall Tony, TimeLord & Bobert.

Support Members:  Krueger, Ghost, Lizzard, and EZ.

Contact us at effigy@lakesoffire.org.