So You Wanna Build the Effigy…

Lakes of Fire’s Effigy Council is now accepting submissions for the Effigy at LOF 2019.

Here are some of the essential details:

  • Please email effigy@lakesoffire.org and let us know you are going to be submitting a proposal/design.
  • The Effigy Build Team receives money from Lakes of Fire for materials and transportation for the effigy.  There is roughly a $8,000 budget for the Effigy. This money is for EVERYTHING you need to build, transport, light, fire etc.  
  • The fireworks budget is separate from the effigy budget.
  • The size of the effigy must be less than 4,500 lbs of wood and have a footprint of 20 feet by 30 feet and 25 feet in height or less. This is a firm size dimension. We have no space to hold a larger effigy then this. 
  • Detailed information, including Effigy restrictions and additional advice on how to meet the proposal requirements can be found on the Effigy Build Application page.

Submitting an application: Please visit our Effigy Build Application page for more information.

The application schedule is:

  • Jan 15: Submission deadline to Effigy@lakesoffire.org
  • Jan 22: Council Meeting to review applications
  • Jan 22-Feb 5: clarifying and updating conversations with chosen proposals
  • Feb 5: Final council meeting
  • Feb 10th ISH: Announcement of the Effigy

The Application Review Process: The Effigy Council will review all applications, diagrams and images using 18 different categories. We score each application on these categories, in no particular order.  The more detail you can submit, the better. If you don’t know everything, don’t stress it, the purpose of the Effigy Council is to not only choose the next effigy but to consult with the effigy lead and builders in getting it constructed and give you guidance along the way.

  1. Wow factor:  What will you be incorporating in your design to give it that “wow” factor?
  2. Interaction:  What interactive aspects are part of your plan that will engage participants with the effigy?
  3. Relates to Theme/Region:  How well does your concept relate to the theme and/or the Great Lakes Region?
  4. Clear Concept:  Explain the concept for your effigy project.  Please be clear and explain why you feel this is the right effigy project for this year.  Do you have blue prints and drawings already?
  5. Budget:  The current budget from Lakes of Fire is $8,000.  Please present a budget with your anticipated expenses. Remember to consider lumber, hardware, lights, propane, generator gas decorations, and transportation in your budget planning. It is ok for the Effigy Team to raise additional funds.  We do require that you communicate to us your plan and methods before starting additional fundraising.
  6. Clear Build Plan:  How are you going to construct your project?  Do you plan to have pre-build days lined up before the event?
  7. Effigy Crew: What is your plan for building your crew team?  Do you have a build crew already?  How will you incorporate other interested volunteers into your plans?  
  8. Place to Build:  Do you have a location to work on construction of the effigy before you arrive at Lakes of Fire?
  9. Tools/equipment needed:  Do you have the tools and equipment needed to actualize your goal?
  10. Possible Completion:  Please provide a timeline for how you plan to get the effigy built.  What will be done before you arrive onsite at Lakes of Fire?  What work will have to be completed onsite to finish the project for the even
  11. Safety Plan:  While everyone is responsible for their own actions, we take civic responsibility seriously.  As the effigy designer, what is your safety plan for the structure? Are people going to be able to climb on it?  What additions to the effigy will be put in place to ensure safety for participants? Think about the overall safety and tell us your thoughts.
  12. Perimeter Crew: Do you have a team in place to help burn your effigy? we can teach you.
  13. Burn Plan: How are you going to light it?  What is it made out of?  How do you think it is going to burn?  What are you going to do to control the burn if needed? What fuel and amounts do you have in mind?
  14. LNT:  What is your Leave no Trace plan?  How do you plan to recruit volunteers to assist you in removing old nails hardware?
  15. Prior Projects:  Are there any prior projects you have completed or assisted with to help us judge your work and commitment?
  16. Leadership Capabilities:  Are there things we should know about you to assist us in determining if your leadership capabilities are sufficient to complete your idea?
  17. How Well Will it Burn:  Based on your construction plan and experience with other effigies, how well do we think it is going to burn?
  18. On-site build timeline: The Effigy is expected to be fully built and open to the public by the Wednesday before the burn.  You will have access to the location the prior weekend.  Are you, and your build crew, able to commit the time on site to fully construct the Effigy prior to the event opening?

Flame Effects: If your effigy design has it’s own flame effect please tell us about it in your submittal. GLEA owns several flame effect.  If you are interested in incorporating it into your design, you are welcome to use it, we actually encourage it. Due to the fact that a flame effect is not required, this category will not count in the scoring and is for informational purposes only.  For more information on the flame effect and prohibited materials, please see the detailed Effigy Build Application.

Include your contact information (Name, Playa Name, Email, Phone Number) for your Build Lead and/or Effigy Lead in your submittal to effigy@lakesoffire.org.

If you have any questions please let us know.


The Effigy Council