Art at Lakes

ART & ArtHub

Great Lakes Experimental Art’s prime mission is to fund and support the creation of art to be shared with the participants of Lakes of Fire. As you walk around the event, go swimming in the lake, or maybe you are just browsing photos of the event you will see art of all kinds that is brought to Lakes of Fire. Lucky for us, and for you, art at Lakes of Fire is not limited to the land, but can also be placed on the lake. This includes art boats too!

Lakes of Fire’s Art Hub is the home for all things art at the event. Art Hub operates year round and is tasked with the curation, placement, support and coordination of art for the event. Art Hub is located on-site in Center Camp and functions as a check-in center for artists, invited to the event by the Art Hub team and Art Grant recipients, as well as a hub of information about art.

Lakes of Fire’s Art Hub wants YOUR ART at the event! If you are bringing Art to share with the community at Lakes of Fire whether it’s applying for an Art Grant, Honoraria or simply registering an art project please visit the Key Dates and Registration page, for those important dates.

The details on our art grant program can be found here.