Mutant Vehicles

Mutant vehicles are a unique type of art that is welcome to roam Lakes of Fire. If it has a motor and is not completely powered by human propulsion, it’s considered a motorized vehicle and therefore must be a registered Mutant Vehicle to be allowed to be driven at LoF. All Mutant Vehicles must be registered by their owners. Owners are responsible for the use and behavior of their vehicle during the event at all times regardless of who drives it and agree to only drive in approved areas of the event, to yield to pedestrians, bicycles, Ranger, Staff, and Medical traffic. All drivers must operate vehicles in a safe, sane, and sober manner. No one should drive over 5 mph. If you are planning to bring a Mutant Vehicle to Lakes of Fire you must pre-register with the LoF Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV).

DMV Page & Registration