Chill and Quiet Zones

We are excited to announce these two new zones for camping at Lucky Lake in 2019!  They will be located in the green rectangle marked New Space on the map.

  • Combined, they can support a maximum of 300 people in 2019
  • The Chill Zone will provide space for campers with limited daytime music and ultra-quiet generators
  • The Quiet Zone will provide space for campers with neither generators nor music
  • No general vehicle camping in either zone without a permit indicating medical need
  • The Chill Zone and Quiet Zone are not currently open for RV camping
  • The new areas will have their own porto-potties, water supply, and a call box for emergencies

Community Rules

The Chill Zone and Quiet Zone are both possible because of a shared understanding by campers who opt in to these spaces.  The leads at Lakes of Fire have developed the following community rules for the space. These are meant to be clear, fair, and specific in how noise levels will be managed.

Chill Zone Rules

  • Generators
    • Ultra-quiet generators only
    • Rating must be 55dB or lower at ¼ load, as shown in operating manual or sales literature
    • Burden is on participants to demonstrate their generator dB rating
    • Non-compliant generators will be asked to shut down or leave
    • Baffle boxes are mandatory to operate a generator, even an ultra-quiet one
  • Sound systems
    • In general, sound is a privilege and not a right in this zone
    • Talk to your neighbors and follow the spirit rather than the letter of the law!
    • If asked to turn your music down, the expectation is that campers will do so
    • Sound should not be distinctly audible in neighboring camps in the zone
    • No subwoofers allowed at all
    • No sound allowed at all between midnight and 9 AM

Quiet Zone Rules

  • This is a strictly no amplified sound zone
  • Generators
    • None!
  • Sound systems / amplified sound
    • None!
  • No running vehicle engines
  • Battery and solar systems OK

Fire Rules

Applies to both zones.

  • Fires are limited to a single centrally-located community fire ring
  • No burn barrels or raised fire pits
  • No tiki torches or candles
  • Gas grills and cooking stoves are permitted
  • Fire art will be at the discretion of FAST
    • No poofers – they’re loud!

Placement Process

Applies to both zones.

The Placement team will work with theme camps who opt for the new space; theme camps with a “non-sound” focus are encouraged.  Significant space for open camping will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because of the noise created by engines and running motors, car camping is not allowed (without a permit indicating medical need).

Lead Support

In addition to the infrastructure above, some Lakes of Fire leads camping in these zones will be serving as “Mayors.”  Their role will be to help answer questions, act as additional contacts for safety, and moderate conversations if campers choose to involve them.