COVID-19 Cancellation General FAQ

2020 Cancellation Information

In addition to the COVID-19 Ticket Announcement and FAQ, the GLEA Board and Lakes of Fire Leads want to give more information about how the difficult choice to cancel Lakes of Fire in 2020 was reached and how it affects our future plans.

Department leads have been or soon will be in direct contact with volunteers and participants for any necessary action (such as Art Grants and Effigy). The info here is for the larger community to gain some understanding about the decision and what is happening.

1. Why not postpone Lakes of Fire for later in 2020?

The availability of Lucky Lake Campground at a later date is not certain. We additionally don’t know when it will be safe to have a mass gathering the size of Lakes again. Some states have already mandated shelter in place through June 10. Holding the event in late summer or fall starts to overlap with Burning Man and other burns in the Great Lakes region, including events that have chosen to postpone. We also need to think about Lakes in 2021, and the difficulty of organizing two events close to each other.

2. Will there be a Lakes of Fire in 2021?

The Board has discussed tentative plans for LOF21 with our Lucky Lake hosts. While we cannot provide certain dates at the time, the Board expects that we will have our next Lakes of Fire event at about the same time in June of 2021.

3. Why now? Why not wait?

Making this decision now allows people to plan for the future as best they can. As a small not-for-profit organization, this decision also enables us to cut current spending so that Lakes of Fire 2021 and beyond can be on strong financial ground.

4. What if I received an art grant?

Our core mission as an organization is to support art – the first payment is being disbursed to grantees and will stay with the artists, so that they can continue to create their projects. We anticipate seeing funded art at the 2021 event. Artists will receive the second half of funding after displaying their work at Lakes of Fire in 2021. We hope that many, if not most of you, will stay the course and continue to build your fantastic space-y creations. Please email artgrants@lakesoffire.org with any additional questions.

5. What about the Effigy?

The Life Star team is excited to bring their vision to Lakes 2021. As soon as it is safe to have people gather to build, we will.

6. What about the theme?

The community response to the theme “Lakes in Space” has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the popularity, art grants and our Effigy are already quite space-influenced. We currently have no plans to change this direction for 2021.

7. What can I do to stay involved in the community?

Now is a time to make art. We need it now more than ever.
Now is a time to take care of yourself and each other. Your community needs support.
Now is a time to think of how our world might look after this has passed, and how each of us can shape it for the better. Our culture is ready for this. If any group of people can work collaboratively, it’s ours. We’re badasses!
Now is a time to stay connected and burn together… separately.