COVID-19 Policy

As we ramp up and prepare for our first event in 2 years, the Leads and Board of Directors are committed to preserving the safety and health of all participants at Lakes of Fire 2022. We will continue to track, discuss, and seek input from local officials. As of February 2022, we have decided to implement a baseline for precautionary measures that will help us all return home this summer. As with everything related to this pandemic, we will continue to provide updates and additional details as we get closer to the event. Information about this disease, and how best to manage it, is ever evolving, and as such, so must we.

After consulting with the local health department, our current and general plan will be:

  • Proof of vaccination (at least two weeks after receiving the final dose, and booster required if you are eligible)
  • –OR–

  • written or electronic documentation of a recent negative test that was administered by a licensed facility. PCR tests are acceptable within 72 hours of your arrival at gate; rapid tests are acceptable within 12 hours. Either one will require a document from your test provider showing your negative result (such as your pharmacy, your doctor’s office, or a licensed testing site).

We of course will always encourage everyone to test and practice infection mitigation measures prior to Lakes of Fire. The exact time-frame in which the negative test must be within, as well as what types of testing we will accept, has yet to be determined. This is just the foundation, and it has the possibility of changing and adjusting as time goes on.

Keep your eyes on this page as we approach June of 2022! Updates will be announced in the Lakes Letter. If you are not on our mailing list, click here to subscribe.