Terms of Service

Purchasing a ticket to Lakes of Fire, or receiving a ticket by transfer, requires acceptance of the following terms of service on the Burner Tickets web site as part of the purchase/transfer process.  A copy is provided below for reference.  In addition, paper copies of the Waiver will be available at the gate.  Parents/Guardians of participants under the age of 18 will be asked to complete a paper waiver at the gate on behalf of their minor children. Lakes of Fire and GLEA reserve the right to require execution of a paper waiver as a condition of entry into LOF 2020.

Lakes of Fire 2020 Attendance Waiver:

In consideration of my attendance and/or participation in Lakes of Fire 2020 (“LOF”) , and with the understanding that my attendance and/or participation is expressly conditioned on my entry into this Disclaimer & Release of Liability for myself, my heirs and assigns, I hereby agree to each of these terms and conditions. This Disclaimer & Release of Liability shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan, without regard to its conflict of laws rules. Venue shall be in the Michigan state or federal courts.

I understand that LOF is volunteer organized and coordinated through Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. (“GLEA”), and that LOF is a ticketed event on private property; and that LOF is not open to the general public.  Participants under the age of 18 years old may not attend LOF unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. GLEA volunteers will check IDs of all participants at the gate, but will bear no responsibility for underage individuals that may evade detection or use falsified identification to gain entry.  GLEA reserves the right to deny anyone access to the property and to LOF, or to require any individual(s) to leave the property at any time and for any reason.

I understand that attendees must be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol at LOF.  If a GLEA volunteer finds an underage attendee in possession of alcohol, that attendee (and anyone present at LOF who knowingly provided such alcohol) may be required to leave immediately, and, if inebriated, may be reported to local law enforcement.

I understand that LOF is an interactive community of artists, performers, participants and musicians displaying and creating both small and large scale artwork.  LOF is not a rave, concert, or traditional music festival. LOF is held in a primitive camping environment. I agree to clean up my camp area and any debris relating to my art or projects; to pack it all out when I leave; to dispose of it properly; and to leave no trace.  I understand that all images, video, and film I may create or help to create at LOF are for personal use only, and no commercial use of any such images, video, or film is allowed without a signed agreement from GLEA. I understand that advertising or selling items or services is prohibited.

LOF opens for all ticket holders at 10:00 am June 17, 2020, and closes at 3:00 pm on June 21, 2020.  I agree to have left the area, leaving a clean campsite and no trace, before 3:01 pm on June 21, 2020.

By agreeing to these terms, purchasing or receiving a ticket to LOF, and/or entering upon LOF premises, I hereby assume the inherent and extraordinary risks involved in attending and/or participating in an unregulated art/performance/radically self-reliant event, and any risks inherent in any other activities connected with LOF in which I may voluntarily participate.  I expressly assume the risk of and accept full responsibility for any and all injuries (including death) and accidents which may occur as a result of my attendance at and/or participation in LOF, and I release from liability GLEA and each of its officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers, event planners, and organizers, as well as the property owners, Burning Man Project, Black Rock City LLC, and all artists, attendees, and performers.  I hereby waive any claim I may hereafter have as a result of any and all injury to my person or property as a result of my attendance at and/or participation in LOF, and in any other activities connected with LOF in which I may voluntarily participate.                                                                                                                                                                  

I also agree to indemnify all of the above-named persons and GLEA, for any and all claims, including attorney’s fees and costs, which may be brought against any of them by anyone claiming to have been injured as a result of any injury to me my property which may occur as a result of my attendance at and/or participation in LOF. 

I understand that, due to the nature of the large scale and at times participatory art at LOF; the performances that may include dangerous materials; the primitive camping site and outdoor terrain; and rapidly changing weather conditions, I will be exposed to conditions that could result in property damage; serious injury; even death.  GLEA and its volunteers make no representations or promises with respect to safety or security at LOF. As a ticket holder, I acknowledge I will enter LOF at my own risk. I agree that I have read the LOF survival guide. I agree that I am 100% responsible for my camp, my personal well being, personal property, and my children (if any) at all times.  There is no food or fuel sold on this property. There is also no public power or phones on this property. I understand that I must come prepared with food, water, shelter, weather-appropriate clothing and bedding and anything I need to survive during LOF. Once parked my vehicle will remain parked, and there are no ins / outs except for emergency medical treatment.

I agree to be bound by the Lakes of Fire Code of Conduct. Available online at: http://www.lakesoffire.org/the-event/code-of-conduct/  Printed copies are also available at the LOF Gate and LOF Nexus (center camp).