Ticketing Process

Lakes of Fire has been cancelled in 2021 (see our 2021 Cancellation General FAQ). This page has not been reviewed or updated to reflect our next in-person event, anticipated for 2022. Please check back closer to then. Thank you!

Lakes of Fire 2020 ticket lottery registration is upon us!  Here are some handy instructions.  Burner Tickets will begin accepting registrations for the lottery on Feb. 1, 2020.

Lottery registration will open on February 1st, 2020 and will close on February 22nd, 2020 at 11:59pm Central.  Ticket offer emails will start on February 29, 2020, and will continue until all tickets are sold.

Things to Remember

  • To register for the Lakes of Fire ticket lottery, you need to create an account at burnertickets.com and log in.  If you share a computer with others, make sure you are logged into your own burnertickets account.  See Creating an Account with Burnertickets.com below for step by step instructions.
  • After you create your account, you will have the ability to register for all kinds of burns!  The rest of our instructions apply to how to register for the Lakes of Fire ticket lottery in particular.
  • Do not register for the lottery more than once.  We have multiple processes for detecting duplicate registrations, and we have removed people from the lottery in the past for attempts to register more than once.
  • You can register for the lottery individually, or join a group with your friends, family, etc.!  (see instructions below)
  • If you volunteered more than 8 hours for Lakes of Fire last year, you should be purchasing through the volunteer gratitude purchase program, NOT through the process below. Those tickets must be purchased by February 22nd, 2020!

Creating an Account with Burnertickets.com

To register for the Lakes of Fire lottery, you must first either log in to Burnertickets.com with Facebook or create a user account with our ticket provider.  Creating an account with BurnerTickets does not register you for the ticket lottery; after these steps, you have to register for Lakes of Fire as an individual or with a group

You may wish to disable ad-blockers while working with burnertickets.com.

To create your Burnertickets.com account (You can log in with Facebook to skip these account creation steps):

  1. Go to the Login page for Burnertickets.com.
  2. At the bottom of the page, Click Register.
  3. On the Register page, enter your email and a username and continue.
  4. You will receive an email from BurnerTickets.  Click the confirmation link in the email.
  5. The confirmation link will open a page to create a password.  Enter a password and continue.
  6. Success!  You now have your BurnerTickets account!
  7. Go back to the Login page and test your new username and password.
  8. You can now register for the lottery with the lottery registration link.

Individual Registration for the Lottery

  • To register individually, go to BurnerTickets.com/lakes-2020/.
  • Click on the “Register/View Lottery Registration” link.
  • Select “INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION”.  (If you plan to join a group, do not register as an individual first!  You cannot join a lottery group later if you register as an individual.)

Creating a Lottery Group

The grouping process is being improved for LOF 2020, and this section will be updated.  Stay tuned!

Lottery grouping is useful for couples, families, groups of friends, theme camps, and other groups who wish to attend Lakes of Fire together.  Registering as part of a group means that the entire group will get an offer, or not – it’s “all or nothing”. However, each person will still receive their ticket offer individually via email, and must buy their own ticket.

Only one person per group should register with “CREATE & JOIN A GROUP.  If multiple people create groups, even with the same or similar names, they will be placed in different groups and will not receive ticket offers together.

To register as a group:

  1. Choose someone in your group to create the group.  
  2. That person should go to BurnerTickets.com/lakes-2020/
  3. Click on the “Register/View Lottery Registration” link
  4. Select “CREATE & JOIN A GROUP” on the first page of registering for the lottery, and create a group. 
  5. Upon success, the group creator will receive a group code that others can use to join the group.  
  6. The group creator can then send (text, email, etc) the group code to anyone who wants to join that group.

Joining a Group

  • Everyone who wants to join a group must select “JOIN A GROUP” on the first page of registering for the lottery, and enter the group code given to them by the person who created the group.


Please direct questions to tickets@lakesoffire.org.  We will update the Ticketing FAQ with common questions as we work with the new system.

To register for the lottery, start here: BurnerTickets.com/lakes-2020/

As a reminder, once an email offer is sent, the recipient will have 72 hours to purchase their ticket.  This is shorter than prior years, so do not delay purchasing your ticket!


Directed Tickets for theme camps will return to Lakes of Fire in 2020.  We will again offer 10% of total available tickets, and theme camps of any size may apply.  We will continue to encourage and reward interactivity, creativity, and scope.  If you’d like to participate, start planning now to bring your A+ game!

As in 2019, theme camp applications for directed tickets must be submitted before the ticket lottery.  The application must include a roster of the core members of the theme camp.  Successful applications will receive guaranteed directed tickets for some or all of the individuals listed on the camp roster, but those individuals will not be eligible to receive a directed ticket and participate in the lottery.  Registered applicants who do not receive a directed ticket offer will remain in the lottery.

Submit your creative inspirations for the most amazing, spookiest, strangest, and coolest theme camp Lakes of Fire has ever seen by filling out the Directed Theme Camp Ticket application by Saturday, February 22 (at 23:59:59 central time).

Applications will again be evaluated by a jury of LOF Leads plus two additional community members.  The application for jury members has ended.

As with prior years, we will be closely monitoring this program to ensure it promotes a better Lakes of Fire.

Please contact info@lakesoffire.org if you have any questions.



The Lakes of Fire Low Income Discount (LID) Ticket Program will also return for 2020.  There will be 50 ticket discounts available for Lakes of Fire 2020 to award to qualified applicants.   Low income tickets will be $63 (including fees).

To receive a ticket discount, LID participants must still receive a ticket offer through the regular ticket system (for either a full-price volunteer ticket, or a lottery ticket).  Please review our Low Income Tickets page for complete details.

The application window is already open!  If you’re ready to apply, please fill out an application:

  • Volunteers who receive a full-price ticket offer must fill out the Volunteer LID Application no later than February 1, 2020 (at 23:59:59 central time), when the volunteer LIT form will close.
  • All other participants who register for the lottery must fill out the LID Application no later than Feb. 22, 2020 (at 23:59:59 central time), when the general LIT form will close.

We will notify all applicants with the decision to grant a LIT discount or not, along with instructions to receive a discount on your ticket, after the application windows close.

Please contact lowincometickets@lakesoffire.org If you have any questions.