2017 Directed Theme Camp Tickets

We want to thank everyone who has reached out to the Lakes of Fire Leads and the GLEA Board about their ticketing concerns this year. We’d like to address the ticketing system change for 2017.

The change from offering ticket purchase with a “+2” to only allowing people to purchase their own ticket was done in order to curb potential fraud in the system.  A number of people posted methods to circumvent the fair disbursement of tickets to social media last year, and since the change to the “+2” system, we have caught at least one person who was obviously attempting to defraud the system and their fellow burners.  We’re confident that the new change will make it significantly harder for that to take place.  Additionally, the change removed difficult-to-process partial refunds.

The unintended consequences were that it presented an unusual hardship to groups working on communal projects. Burners felt that we were not considerate of needs they communicated over the years.  

We want to acknowledge that hardship and present a temporary 1-year-only plan that we believe will help theme camps prepare better for Lakes 2017. This plan has been revised and agreed upon by the entire Lakes of Fire Team Leads and the board of GLEA after weeks of fine-tuning.

This Directed Theme Camp Ticket program is designed to impact the current ticketing process as little as possible, and to have simple objective criteria to offer a few tickets to theme camps as a way to partially compensate for our last-minute change. This is not a comprehensive long-term ticket solution.  Please do not count on it being made available in 2018.

A total of 222 Tickets (slightly more than the increase in tickets this year) are being offered for sale to 84 theme camps that were present at Lakes of Fire in 2016, as well as a number of camps who notified Placement that they were unable to attend due to ticketing concerns. The specific number of tickets offered was determined by a team including Placement and Ticketing, and was based on the plot size theme camps were given in 2016.


NOTE: We will be reaching out to the theme camp leaders who can participate in this program (via the email address they originally submitted to Placement) on February 10th.


  • Selected theme camps may assign a previously determined number of full-price tickets to be purchased by the burners they choose.


  • First, Directed Theme Camp Ticket program recipients must register with the ticketing system to get a ticket of any kind.
  • Second, starting February 15th, camp leads must reply back to us with the name, email address, date of birth and REGISTRATION ID NUMBER for those people.  The deadline for this notification of their critical members is February 26th, 11:59 PM EST. Once again, we are only accepting these names Feb 15th-26th.
  • Third, Those people will then be sent a code that will allow them to purchase a ticket by March 1st.  IF THEY DO NOT BUY A TICKET BEFORE MARCH 1st, they lose their guaranteed ticketed and will face the drawing like everyone else.

Important notes:

  • You may not change names on your submission once your names are submitted to us.
  • We are not negotiating ticket allotment.
  • The longer you wait to send your list of critical burners to Ticketing, the less time they have to purchase their ticket before the deadline on March 1.
  • Like all LoF tickets these are non transferable.
  • Normal refund policies apply.

Contact info@lakesoffire.org if you have any questions.