Ticketing Process


Your Lakes of Fire ticketing team is pleased to announce that ticket sales and lottery registration will begin in January 2019!  We will be using a new ticketing provider (BurnerTickets.com), and we will provide additional details closer to the start of volunteer sales and lottery registration.

Volunteer ticket sales will begin on January 19, 2019.  Eligible volunteers from Lakes of Fire 2018 will receive an email containing an individual code and detailed purchase instructions.  Volunteer tickets must be purchased by February 23, 2019 (at 23:59:59 central time).  Please keep an eye on your inbox!

Registration for the ticket lottery is expected to begin on February 2, 2019, and to remain open until February 23, 2019 (at 23:59:59 central time).  The lottery will include a “grouping” feature to allow families, theme camps, etc. to enter the lottery together.  Watch this space for more details, or sign up for news via our Lakes Letter so you don’t miss an announcement!

Lottery ticket offers and directed ticket sales (see below) are expected to start on March 2, 2019.  The purchase window for lottery ticket offers will be significantly shorter this year – recipients will have three (3) days after receiving an offer to purchase a ticket, rather than one week.  We expect that this will speed up the lottery process significantly, and allow all participants more time to plan for Lakes of Fire.  Lottery sales will continue until all tickets (except those reserved for Art, organizational needs, etc.) are sold. Any unused reserved tickets will be made available to the waiting list around mid to late May (at the latest).

Regular price tickets will be $116 and half-price tickets will be $58; the prices includes all fees.  Once sold, tickets will generally be non-refundable and transferable (with a few exceptions that will be communicated to their purchasers, such as Low Income Tickets).  Because tickets will not be constantly returned to Lakes of Fire, a separate Fire Sale for 2019 is unlikely.



Directed Tickets for theme camps will return to Lakes of Fire in 2019 with a couple of changes from 2018.  We will again offer 10% of total available tickets, and we are expanding the eligible recipients to smaller theme camps.  If you need fewer than 10 tickets to support a quality project, we want you to apply! We will continue to encourage and reward interactivity, creativity, and scope.  If you’d like to participate, start planning now to bring your A+ game!

In a change from 2018, theme camp applications for directed tickets must be submitted before the ticket lottery.  The application must include a roster of the core members of the theme camp.  Successful applications will receive guaranteed directed tickets for some or all of the individuals listed on the camp roster, but those individuals will not be eligible to receive a directed ticket and participate in the lottery.  Registered applicants who do not receive a directed ticket offer will remain in the lottery.

Submit your creative inspirations for the most amazing, spookiest, strangest, and coolest theme camp Lakes of Fire has ever seen by filling out the Directed Theme Camp Ticket application by Sunday, February 23 (at 23:59:59 central time).

Applications will again be evaluated by a jury of invested LoF departments – LNT, Placement and Sound, plus two additional community members.  These two spots are now open for a community member to join up – if you are interested in helping select the theme camps of Summerween, please make sure to apply by Sunday, January 20th!

As with prior years, we will be closely monitoring this program to ensure it promotes a better Lakes of Fire.

Please contact info@lakesoffire.org if you have any questions.



The Lakes of Fire Low Income Ticket (LIT) Program will also return for 2019.  There will be 50 ticket discounts available for Lakes of Fire 2019 to award to qualified applicants.   Low income tickets will be $58 (including fees).

To receive a ticket discount, LIT participants must still receive a ticket offer through the regular ticket system (for either a full-price volunteer ticket, or a lottery ticket).  Please review our Low Income Tickets page for complete details.

The application window is already open!  If you’re ready to apply, please fill out an application:

  • Volunteers who receive a full-price ticket offer must fill out the Volunteer LIT Application no later than February 2, 2019 (at 23:59:59 central time), when the volunteer LIT form will close.
  • All other participants who register for the lottery must fill out the LIT Application no later than Feb. 23, 2019 (at 23:59:59 central time), when the general LIT form will close.

We will notify all applicants with the decision to grant a LIT discount or not, along with instructions to receive a discount on your ticket, after the application windows close.

Please contact lowincometickets@lakesoffire.org If you have any questions.