Fire at Lakes

Fire: You know you love it!

Fire is a spectacular part of our event, when done safely and in a controlled manner. Lakes of Fire embraces many different fire art forms, from Effigies to campfires, fire performances to tiki torches. The Fire Art Safety Team (F.A.S.T.) requires that you contact us first regarding fire spinning performances, fire sculptures, flame effects and open fires. All these elements require prior pre-event signup. All fire art requires inspection onsite, which may require a phone interview to discuss your art and safety plan. F.A.S.T. members don’t bite, we limit risk and prevent friends from getting hurt. Please visit the F.A.S.T page for more details on all things fire at Lakes of Fire, including camp fires, fire dancing, conclave, Wee Effigy Burn and more.

F.A.S.T Departmental Page – Where you will find all information regarding fire.

Effigy Page – Previous effigies and building submission guidelines.

Wee Effigy Information Page – Lakes of Fire special Friday night burn featuring Wee effigies (3’x3’x3′) built by the community.


If you have questions, please email fast@lakesoffire.org