Firebreathing Devil - Photo: Christopher Moeller

So you want to volunteer for Lakes of Fire? Well, thanks so much! LoF is a 100% completely volunteer-run event.  EVERYONE is a volunteer!  This includes the year-round lead organizers, the artists, the person who checks you in at the gate, and it could also be YOU. This is one of the ways we keep our awesome levels up – we each doing our part to make Lakes of Fire safe and spectacular. Lakes of Fire’s volunteers are our lifeblood, so thanks for coming to check out the Volunteers Page!

Lakes of Fire requires all attendees, including volunteers, to purchase a ticket. Volunteering is essential to building our community, and we think it is worth the time and effort.  Additionally, we make tickets available for purchase to the last year’s qualified volunteers to show our appreciation for your hard work.

Read the Volunteer FAQ to save yourself time and frustration. If you have questions that are not answered or for more information, please contact the Volunteer Dream Team at volunteers@lakesoffire.org.