Medical requires volunteers to be medically trained. Discipline examples include EMS/Fire, Hospital personnel (ER Techs, Nurses or Doctors), military trained medics/combat lifesavers, National Ski Patrol, Lifeguards are also suitable for the Medical Team. Others trained in Advanced First Aid/Medical First Responder along with CPR are also welcome. While those with actual patient care experience are preferred, the Medical Team will utilize those without such experience, paring them with more experienced partners as a way to gain experience and groom returning volunteers.


Fire requires volunteers to be specifically fire trained. Requirements for this training include those volunteers who have attended a Lakes of Fire Fire 101 training session or those volunteers who are state/federal trained/certified firefighters. Certified firefighters are required to possess NFPA certified turnout gear at the event. The Fire Team will pair the 2 levels together so that experienced firefighters can assist the Fire 101 volunteers with gaining experience and further groom these volunteers to be a continuing asset to the team, and their fellow Lakes of Fire participants.


The Crisis Intervention Team is a special group of volunteers who are trained, experienced, and/or licensed in mental health, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other social services. The CIT is dispatched when situations require more intervention than our wonderful participants and Rangers are able to provide. The CIT volunteers are dedicated and on-call in case you need us, 24/7. We hope we’re not needed, but we’re there when we are.